On The Road With Dane: Actor Joe Mantegna, The Kentucky Derby, Driver Will Power, Chef Aaron May and More!

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On the Road with Dane

Dane Neal sits down with Panini Pete to talk about the great work he is doing with Messlords for troops overseas and then discusses the legacy of Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Author Jade Gurss.

Dane then gets in the driver’s seat and talks with Actor Joe Mantegna about his first car and chats with Indy- Car Driver Will Power about his love of racing and playing the drums.

Kentucky Derby fever takes over the show to close things out as Dane talks with Wes Henderson from Angel’s Envy about their iconic Bourbon and checks in with Chef Aaron May LIVE from Churchill Downs for the latest from the Kentucky Derby and to hear about the wild Derby Launch Party last night, or should we say this morning!