On “13 Reasons Why”

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John Duffy Podcast

Today, I’m joined by 18-year-old Mattis, and we’re talking about the trending Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” which is as addictive and entertaining as it is controversial and downright disturbing at times. If you’re not familiar, the show centers around the unfortunate suicide of a young high school girl named Hannah, and a set of audio tapes she leaves behind for 13 of her peers whom she felt played a role in her decision to end her life. While many feel the show is spreading awareness about teen suicide prevention, others – including some of my colleagues in the mental health profession – fear that show may actually be sending the wrong message who those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

**Spoilers are present throughout this episode**

Topics we explore in this episode include:
-The extremely graphic suicide scene at the end of the series
-Is this show a realistic representation of the typical high school experience?
-Are younger people mis-interpreting the message of this show in a dangerous way?
-How to handle someone confiding their suicidal thoughts in you
-Should parents let their kids watch this show?

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