Anxiety In The Public Eye with Molly Fay

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John Duffy Podcast

Anxiety and panic attacks can happen to just about anyone, at any time. And that includes successful TV personalities! Which brings me to today’s guest, Molly Fay, who is the host of the “The Morning Blend” based out of Milwaukee, WI.  She opens up about her experience dealing with a sudden onset of anxiety, the roots of which can likely be traced back to the loss of her brother to suicide. We talk about the effect this had on her career, and what she ultimately did regain her sense of normalcy.

Highlights of this episode include:

-The story of losing her brother to suicide, and the qualities of mental illness that can go unnoticed

-Does she think suicide is a selfish act?

-How cognitive behavioral therapy was the turning point to resolving her anxiety

-At what point should someone experiencing anxiety symptoms seek professional help?

-Her views (and mine) on anxiety medication, and more.