The John Williams Show Full Podcast 04.24.17

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John Williams

John finally gets to see the Cubs ring, thanks to Judy Pielach. Then, Aspire Food Group CEO Mohammed Ashour joins John to get his opinion on those Aketta crickets that he offered to you at Oak Brook last week. Mark Carman gives his thoughts on Isaiah Thomas’s double dribble over the weekend. College Aid Planners Financial Expert Joe Orsolini helps you distinguish between a top choice education and an expensive education for your children. Ryan Burrow joins John in-studio to give him highlights on Obama’s first public appearance since his presidency, at University of Chicago. John takes your thoughts on the latest airline incident, in which a stroller was reportedly yanked out of a passenger’s hand. And, finally, Frontline documentary writer Paul Greenberg tells John why he set out to highlight the health benefits of fish in “The Fish on My Plate.”

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