Brian Noonan Show 4/23/17: Chicago theatre, popcorn, words, and more

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Brian discusses some of the best things in Chicago, including: the freedom to peacefully protest, great live theatre, delicious flavored popcorn, and even English words and phrases with Chicago roots!

To kick off the show, Brian gives a quick update on his health after falling a bit under the weather on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, then asks: why are so many Americans so angry about the “March for Science?” Listeners weigh in on why some people have strong feelings about marches that don’t necessarily affect them.

Then, Brian gives a glowing review of Disney’s Aladdin at the Cadillac Palace Theatre (with a little backup from listeners who have also seen the production).

An off-hand reference to the band Chicago turns into a fierce debate about which popcorn is the best popcorn: white/plan popcorn (butter), caramel corn, cheese popcorn, or the “Chicago Mix” of caramel and cheese popcorn. Brian posts a poll on Twitter and listeners weigh in via text with some strong opinions about one of Chicago’s landmark snack foods.

Brian then discusses the interesting origins of some “newer” words and phrases in the English language, such as “gank” and “razzmatazz,” that share Chicago roots (often originating in the Chicago Tribune).

To wrap up the show, Brian talks about the average hourly rate for babysitters nationally, and it’s surprisingly higher than federal minimum wage. This prompts the question: how much do WGN Radio listeners pay and tip their babysitters? Listeners chime in with some pretty amazing stories.