The John Williams Show Full Podcast 4.20.17

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John Williams LIVE at Pinstripes

John Williams is LIVE at Pinstripes in Oak Brook at the latest WGN Hometown Voices Tour with some “delicious” baked crickets courtesy of Aspire Food Group.

Tracy Weiner joins John Williams to talk about the Naperville North High School petition and if we are asking too much of high school kids, leading to pressure-induced depression.

Sue Kelly, owner of Kelly Cruises, then joins John Williams to talk about the exciting adventures the company offers, and their upcoming WGN trips!

Reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Greg Bluestein, talks with John Williams about the latest special election in Georgia, and now forced runoff involving Democrat Jon Ossoff. They talk about the usually republican district and state and how anti-Trump sentiment has allowed Ossoff to gain ground.

Allstate Agent Maggie Barashka, joined by Evelina Petrov (community outreach coordinator), Jivka Petrova (founder) at Little Bulgarian School, talks with John Williams to share her story of coming to America, the great work Allstate is doing to help their clients and her work with the Little Bulgarian School, all this during National Volunteer Month.

They also get the latest from the newsroom on the developing story of the shootings in Paris.