Brian Noonan Show 4/16/2017: Brian’s toe infection, the Saddest Easter Story Ever and OMG Brian dissects the latest slang

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As Easter Sunday came to a close, Brian hopped on the airwaves with a basket full of goodies. First, he updated everybody on his traumatizing week dealing with his Dominican Republic souvenir – a nasty toe infection. He told Roger all about his time in the hospital and how his recovery process has been.

Then, the gang talked about Passover and a few callers joined the conversation to explain some of the Seder traditions.

Next, Brian regaled the Saddest Easter Story Ever, a tale that has become a yearly tradition for many listeners. Grab your box of Kleenex, it’s a tear-jerker.

Brian found a list of the newest, coolest slang that millennials are using and the squad commented on how lit and savage it was. Then, Karen Conti joined him in studio to answer legal questions and comment on the goings-on with United.

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