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Brian Noonan Show 4/9/17: Brian’s Dominican Republic trip and springtime tips

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Drinks in the Dominican Republic (Photo credit: Brian Noonan, WGN Radio)

Brian recaps his vacation in the Dominican Republic, including a mini-lesson about Christopher Columbus and a cautionary tale about getting sick while traveling. Brian kicks off the show by talking about the White Board, a show staple which his producer Cody may (?) have accidentally destroyed prior to the start of the show. Then, Brian talks about his rip to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, where he just took a vacation that was wonderful in almost every way… until the end. Brian recounts the harrowing tale of how his trip ended like a Hunter S. Thompson story (and runs a poll on Twitter to see if people are interested in seeing a sample of what happened), and talks a little bit about the history of Christopher Columbus’ body in the process.

Plus: now that the weather is getting nice and people are moving, it’s time for amateur dumpster divers and trash pickers to start treasure hunting for goodies in alleys. Brian cautions listeners with a list of things people should never pick out of the trash, and his producer Cody gives a few tips of his own as a seasoned picker.

Brian and the crew also talk about their Easter plans for next week, what the phrase “Dominican Viagra” means, and a new service that allows people to “rent” bunnies and chicks for Easter so parents don’t have to buy permanent pets for their children around Easter. Karen Conti joins the show to cap off the program with an hour of legal questions and a little recap of the new Supreme Court Justice.

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