“Super Troopers” writer and director Jay Chandrasekhar: “Hollywood has become drunk and addicted to superhero movies”

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Jay Chandrasekhar and Justin Kaufmann

The supremely talented comedian, writer, director and actor Jay Chandrasekhar joins Justin to talk about his career, what his life was like growing up in the Chicago area, his short-lived dream of becoming a running back for the Chicago Bears, immersing himself in the Chicago comedy scene while he was in college, the birth of his hilarious and iconic comedy troupe, “Broken Lizard,” the support he received from the Colgate University community when he was performing in New York City, making the movie, “Puddle Cruiser,” the lore surrounding the making of “Super Troopers,” eventually making the decision to leave New York for Los Angeles, taking his “rejection rage” and turning it into a successful career, the difficulty getting smaller budget movies made, his new book, “Mustache Shenanigans” and the future of “Super Troopers 2.”

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