Wayne Coyne | The Flaming Lips Lead Singer speaks on Oczy Mlody, Touring With Miley Cyrus and Inspiration from Unfamiliar Places

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Wayne Coyne [Sound Sessions] Photo Credit: George Salisbury

Sound Sessions is delighted to welcome Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips to this episode.

Michael and Kevin discuss where he drew inspiration from for his latest album, “Oczy Mlody” and how he’s grown as a songwriter after making such a serious impact on the music industry.  Collaborating with other artists has been a key pillar in Wayne’s career – we pull that thread and discuss his recent tour with Disney star, Miley Cyrus and contrast that experience with being on the road with his main project, The Flaming Lips.  An influential persona, Wayne has struck a chord with his quirky, etherial, art to life songwriting that rings louder than ever with this new album.  Enjoy the interview.

Listen To The Full Interview Right Here:

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Hosts – Kevin Richter & Michael Heidemann

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