John: On The Many Extremes Of Anxiety

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John Duffy Podcast

John is a fun guy. He’s a blast to talk to, loves playing the guitar, and loves helping people. But he’s a guy who has been plagued by anxiety in many different shapes and forms throughout the many years that I’ve known him.  Whether it’s drug use, “school refusal,” chronic stomach pain, or even something as peculiar as obsessive dieting, the culprit has always been able to be traced back to the many-headed beast of anxiety.  John’s here today to share his story about all the different ways his undue anxiety has affected him throughout his youth, as well as the incredible healing powers of the guitar!

Highlights of our conversation include:

-Consistently missing school when he was younger
-Quitting drugs cold turkey after a particularly wild night
-The importance of having positive role models to talk to
-How anxiety can be a good thing once in a while
-And of course, the wide variety of his symptoms throughout the years