This is History: Chicago’s ‘Hub’ and ‘Axle’ Roller Skating Rinks, WGN Television 9 Debuts, Richard J Daley Becomes Mayor, Meigs Field Closes

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PHOTO: This Aug. 29, 1968 file photo shows Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley on the floor during the final session at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. (AP Photo/File)

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan talk about this week’s historic events including the introduction of the roller skate and Chicago’s best rollerskating venues from past to present, the invention of the dishwasher in Chicago in 1889, the founding of the Wrigley Company, WGN Television begins broadcasting in 1948, Richard J. Daley was elected Mayor in 1955, Martin Luther King was assassinated and Major Richard M. Daley bulldozes Meigs Field in 2003.