Brian Noonan Show 3/26/17: Midwest Rum Festival and Carly and Martina in-studio

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Brian Noonan with Carly (right) and Martina (left)

Brian samples some rum and mixed drinks to preview the 2017 Midwest Rum Festival, musicians Carly and Martina perform in-studio, and more!

To kick off the show, Brian explains how he managed to sunburn nearly half of his body during March in Chicago thanks to a tanning “deal” he regrets taking advantage of. He also launches a Twitter poll to answer an epic question: do you prefer orange juice with pulp or without pulp?

Creator of and Executive Producer at Weigel Broadcasting Co. Fred Weintraub calls in with an update on what’s going on in London following recent terrorist attacks, Brexit, and other recent events in the country.

Jillian Beall from Tailwinds Distilling Company joins Brian in-studio to discuss and sample different types of rums (including a delicious and much-hyped coffee rum), covering various rum-related information such as what each color means and what mixes well with each type of rum. She also covers all the details of the 2017 Midwest Rum Festival on April 8 at the Logan Square Auditorium.

Musical performers Carly and Martina, who landed a record deal after appearing on Brian’s show a few years ago, come to the studio with an exciting update about their career, including an upcoming TED talk they will be giving at TEDxIIT on April 8. Hear what it’s been like for them to collaborate with other writers on co-writing music, how they’ve been engaging with their fan base as they’ve become more popular, and what they plan on doing next.

Brian wraps up the show by revealing the results of his Twitter poll about orange juice: pulp or no pulp?

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