Full Show: Pretty Late With Patti Vasquez-March 14, 2017

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(L-R) John, Carlos and Patti

It’s Trending Tuesday on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez. AV Club’s John Teti joins Patti to talks about his new show which will be airing on Fusion TV. John also talks about various television shows that listeners should check out.

Third Annual Midwest Rum Festival Returns to Chicago. Carlos from The Rumlab.com is in studio mixing drinks and speaking about the upcoming festival. Author of OUR FINAL INVENTION: Artificial Intelligence, James Barrat speaks about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Patti plays Chicago Slang: one and fifty people can get these Chicago references. Patti quiz listeners on these terms. LiquidVPN Inc. Co-founder and CEO David Cox list ways you can protect your information from hackers. Executive Producer of the Patti Vasquez Show Michael Heidemann is live form South by South West recapping today’s activities such as the new Seth Rogan and James Franco movie.