The Mincing Rascals 03/09/17: Elections have consequences – the “American Health Care Act” is one of them

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(Created and illustrated by Makenzie Flom)

WGN Radio’s John Williams and Steve Bertrand, and Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn and Kristen McQueary mince about changes being made to Obamacare. Then, they agree on whom is to blame for the state budget impasse and Chance the Rapper’s efforts to approach the problem head-first by donating a large sum to Chicago Public Schools.

John recommends the show, “Shameless,” after he’s progressed to its seventh season.

Steve recommends Burt Solomon’s book, The Murder of Willie Lincoln: A Novel (John Hay Mystery), which takes a look at a new theory on President Lincoln’s brother’s death.

Kristen suggests a story told last night on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” about a woman who runs a marathon to commemorate her slain mother’s birthday.

And, finally, Eric recommends that you simply listen to a podcast, namely “Selected Shorts – Too Hot For Radio,” a series that touches on adult themes.