Live Blog: Bears Free Agent Tracker

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Mike Glennon. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Adam Hoge March 9, 20178:34 AM

Good morning and Happy NFL New Year, football fans! The legal negotiating window has been busier than usual this year and it will only get crazier today as deals and trades become official at 3 p.m. CT. Keep this page open as it will automatically refresh as news becomes available. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20178:38 AM

Let’s start with some big cornerback news this morning as the Bears have been heavily involved with Bills free agent cornerback Stephon Gilmore and Texans free agent cornerback A.J. Bouye. Unfortunately, it looks like they lost Gilmore to the Patriots and are trailing on Bouye. 

As for Bouye:

Adam Hoge March 9, 20178:40 AM

Let’s not completely close the door on Bouye yet as it’s possible the Bears will show greater interest after losing Gilmore, but it will certainly be a loss if they don’t end up with either player. If the Bears are going to overspend at all in free agency this year, the secondary is the area where they can justify it. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20179:06 AM

It’s been quiet on the Alshon Jeffery front, which I think is positive for the Bears. The WR market so far does not indicate that Jeffery will receive a crazy amount of money and I know there’s a mutual desire for No. 17 to stay in Chicago. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20179:25 AM

It will be interesting to see if anything happens with Jay Cutler today. QB options around the league are disappearing quickly. It’s probably best for the Bears if Tony Romo goes to Denver. That would leave Cutler as the best option for both the Texans and Jets, increasing the likelihood of a trade. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 201710:18 AM

The Eagles are reportedly signing wide receiver Torrey Smith, but that apparently isn’t stopping them from pursuing Alshon Jeffery: 

Adam Hoge March 9, 201710:32 AM

We’re starting to get an idea of the contract structure for Mike Glennon: 

$19 million guaranteed is really not that bad. It will be interesting to see what is fully guaranteed vs total guarantees. Could be some incentives in there too. But $19 million is about where I pegged it in my piece yesterday and you can read more about the possible contract structure here

Adam Hoge March 9, 201711:01 AM

The Bears have a new safety: 

Demps had six interceptions in 13 games with the Texans last season, but he’s a bit of a journeyman who turns 32 in June. He has definitely come on stronger later in his career, as he didn’t even start a game until his sixth year in the league. After landing with the Texans in 2015, Demps became a full-time starter on a very good defense.

Demps contributed in the return game early in his career, but really hasn’t done that regularly since 2013 when he was in Kansas City.

Adam Hoge March 9, 201711:05 AM

Contract numbers for Demps: 

Adam Hoge March 9, 201712:15 PM

Looks like the Bears are definitely not going to get Bouye.

Adam Hoge March 9, 201712:15 PM

So this happened…

Adam Hoge March 9, 201712:36 PM

BIG UPDATE: The Jay Cutler era is over.

The Bears undoubtedly tried to trade Cutler, but were unsuccessful. Now that they’ve decided to go with Mike Glennon, moving on from Cutler makes sense. 

Cutler’s final record with the Bears? A very fitting 51-51.

Adam Hoge March 9, 201712:50 PM

$2 million of Cutler’s restructuring bonus (which was done to sign Jared Allen) will still count against the Bears’ cap in 2017, but otherwise they’re free and don’t owe him any other money. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20172:08 PM

The Bears could be adding tight end Dion Sims, who has been a solid No. 2 in Miami and is still only 26 years old.

Adam Hoge March 9, 20172:11 PM

The next hour or so could decide the fate of Alshon Jeffery. This may be one last effort to get the Bears to budge on their number: 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20172:40 PM

Well this is a big Alshon Jeffery update: Ian Rapoport just interrupted Scott Hansen on the NFL Network to report that the Vikings are making a sudden push for Jeffery. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20172:41 PM

First STUNNER of the day: 

My initial reaction: This is actually a solid move for the Browns. They have a ton of cap space and can eat Osweiler’s contract for a year while gaining a valuable second round pick. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20172:55 PM

On the cornerback front, I’m told the Bears are expected to keep Kyle Fuller for now. He’s healthy, motivated and in a contract year. The hope is that provides more value than a late-round draft pick, which may not have even been on the table. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20173:05 PM

The Bears are losing Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles, per Brad Biggs. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20173:07 PM

Wow. Just a one-year contract. Alshon trying to bet on himself. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20173:53 PM

Former Bears sixth round pick (2013) goes to Detroit: 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20174:04 PM


Adam Hoge March 9, 20174:32 PM

Jay Cutler is officially a free agent. 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20174:58 PM

Adam Hoge March 9, 20175:47 PM

Looks like Robbie Gould will make a return to Soldier Field next season along with Brian Hoyer.

Adam Hoge March 9, 20176:24 PM

The Bears have reportedly added wide receiver Markus Wheaton to help replace Alshon Jeffery. Wheaton was actually a pretty decent option for the Steelers in 2014 and 2015 before suffering a shoulder injury in 2016.

Adam Hoge March 9, 20179:23 PM

Here are some contract numbers for tight end Dion Sims: 

Adam Hoge March 9, 20179:24 PM

Thanks to everyone for following along today. That’s going to do it for me. Of course, I’ll have plenty more on WGN Radio and throughout the weekend as news breaks.