DAWES | Sound Sessions Interview with Taylor Goldsmith [Live at The Riviera Theatre on March 1st]

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Dawes [Sound Sessions]

Sound Sessions is delighted to welcome the modern day singer and songwriting virtuoso, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes to this episode.  Coming a long way from playing music with his friend back in middle school, Taylor has cemented his legacy in the heart of rock ‘n roll by stringing together some of the best folk rock of the last 20 years.  The interview highlights some of the more meteoric moments in his career from opening for Bob Dylan to playing with other legendary artists around the globe.

Sound Sessions host, Michael Heidemann chats with him about what he does with his time off the road – from watching music documentaries to keeping in close contact with his bandmates.  The concept of band unity and family is discussed as well as the dying form of the time-honored whiskey drinking rock star in turn for a more down to earth and focused modern musician.  They also touch on the importance of hustling and truly loving the art of music if a person is looking to ‘make it’ as a musician.

Thoughtful and truly a musicians musician, Taylor has crafted some of the finest music in rock and continues to enlighten audiences worldwide.  Be sure to catch Dawes on March 1st playing at Chicago’s historic Riviera Theater.  Enjoy the podcast!


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Hosts – Kevin Richter & Michael Heidemann

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