Live blog: 2017 Oscars

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We’re live blogging the 89th Academy Awards.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:09 PM

I’m predicting a big night for La La Land. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:10 PM

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20177:25 PM

Woohoo! Ready for the main show….been oohing and ahhing all afternoon at the red carpet. My favorite dress so far? Nicole Kidman!

Least favorite? Dakota Johnson.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:29 PM

Oh, hello.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:30 PM

Hey all!! Jumping in to put in my two cents!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:31 PM

Worst dressed – Dakota Johnson- it’s almost as bad as both her 50 Shades of Gray movies!!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:32 PM

The Oscar crowd is loving JT!!!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:33 PM

Rocking some Bill Withers!!! yeah JT!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:34 PM

Halle Berry’s hair is incredible. 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20177:34 PM

Who doesn’t love ’em some JT?  Including his super cute wife getting down to her husbands own beats.  

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:34 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:35 PM

I love Jessica’s dress.  JT might have started the show but she steals it in that dress!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:36 PM

I wonder if Jimmy Fallon feels like JT is cheating on him with Jimmy Kimmel.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20177:36 PM

Woohoo!  Ready for the main show….been oohing and ahhing all afternoon at the red carpet.  My favorite dress so far? Nicole Kidman!
Least favorite?  Dakota Johnson. 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20177:37 PM

Nah…JT and JF has a love like no other….JK wishes! 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20177:37 PM

Woohoo! Ready for the main show….been oohing and ahhing all afternoon at the red carpet. My favorite dress so far? Nicole Kidman!

Least favorite? Dakota Johnson.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:46 PM

I want the Moonlight guy to win!!!!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:48 PM

These were all great performances, but Ali should win!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:50 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:50 PM

He looks pretty good for having a baby four days ago.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20177:53 PM

cool commercial Samsung!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20177:53 PM

“Moonlight” was great and it made me seek out “Medicine for Melancholy.” That was great, too. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:00 PM

It’s good to see The Walking Man win an Oscar.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:00 PM

Lise the producer checking in. Proud to say I won an Oscar tonight. Well, my family’s equivalent thereof. I saw the most nominated movies of the group! Alright, now let’s get to the good stuff. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:02 PM

Sting’s new hair should win an award.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:03 PM

I thought La La Land would win costume design.  I loved the color palette in that movie. I did not see Fantastic Beasts so I have no judgement on her winning.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:03 PM

Lise – the real question – what was in your goody bag??  I love Oscar season…I like to think I’m a member of the Academy.  Challenge myself to see at least all the best picture nominations. 

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:05 PM

We just saw Get Out today…highly recommend!!

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:05 PM

I am VERY intrigued by Get Out Decker…must see.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:06 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:08 PM

Janelle Monae is so fierce!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:10 PM

And….I’m crying.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:12 PM

O.J.: Made in America was extremely good.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:15 PM

Okay so quick lil claim to fame here: I drove Janelle Monae from her hotel to a concert venue six years ago. *Hairflip*

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:16 PM

Did you talk to her?

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:17 PM

@Kristin I talked *at* her. She wasn’t having it. Also, I was so focused on not crashing the car…

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:17 PM

This Lin-Manuel Miranda kid has got a future, I think. 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:18 PM

My mom always calls him “Lin-Manfredini.” LOL. 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:20 PM

I am obsessed with Moana!  And Lin-Manfredini!!!  Haha.  

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:22 PM

Wait this girl is 16? #singletear

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:23 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:25 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:26 PM

Ouch! Get this girl an icepack.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:27 PM

Fun fact: A former WGN producer – was an associate producer of Manchester by the Sea! She is at the Oscar’s and I’m praying she gets up on that stage!

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:28 PM

@Decker who? How cool!  

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:28 PM

I wonder if this sequin/feather dress is machine washable.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:29 PM

Katie Pastore – she worked briefly on the Johnny B. show.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:29 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:29 PM

Also, let’s get an Oscar for La La Land real soon please. #TeamLaLa

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:30 PM

I actually really liked Arrival surprisingly. And didn’t love Lala Land.  Yep I said it. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:31 PM

Never forget.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:33 PM

@pete – that is hilarious. 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:33 PM

Congratulations to sound editor Kevin O’Connell for his first Oscar win after 21 nominations!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:34 PM

Not gonna lie – excited for the live action Beauty and the Beast!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:35 PM

My love in three words: La La Land!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:37 PM

Woohoo! Cubs fan Vince Vaughn takes the stage!

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:39 PM

Did anyone catch the woman sitting next to Ryan Gosling?  Whoa. #wheredoyoulook #nice…licorice.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:41 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:43 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:44 PM

This goes to Davis, but Naomie Harris is exceptional in “Moonlight” and Michelle Williams scenes in “Manchester” are heartbreaking.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:44 PM

Oooh I really want Naomie Harris to win!!!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:45 PM

Viola Davis is a queen!!!!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:45 PM

That red dress though 😍

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:46 PM

She really is stunning. Good for her.  All those ladies killed it. 

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:48 PM

And, I’m crying AGAIN!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:48 PM

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20178:49 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:49 PM

“She can cry good. She’s a good cryer.” – My mom on Viola Davis

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:50 PM

Weird commercial, Walmart. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20178:52 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20178:57 PM

OMG I hope A Man Called Ove wins best Foreign Film. SO. GOOD.

imkingjohn February 26, 20178:57 PM

Lots of nice moments, notes, speeches tonight.  Remind me to start each day off with a musical number by JT.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:58 PM

The Oscars making a statement with The Salesman!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20178:58 PM

Since the travel ban prevents him from getting this award in person. #thanksTrump

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:00 PM

“Disrespected” line gets ovation.  A call for empathy is exactly what Meryl Streep asked for at GG’s.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20179:00 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:01 PM

AW, remember when Dev Patel was a little baby in the much-loved British TV show Skins?

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:01 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20179:02 PM

My dogs are not fans of Sting. Zzzzzzzzzz

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:04 PM

That performance about put me to sleep too.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:05 PM

YAS! Great commercial New York Times!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20179:05 PM

Nice one, New York Times. #fakenews #sad

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:07 PM

UGH I wish I were on that tour bus!

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:08 PM

Boom.  There it was, the NYTimes spot.  Stand by for POTUS tweet.  The Hilton spot that followed was better, still.  #inclusion.  But my message all year has been, If you don’t already, now would be a good time to subscribe to a newspaper.  So keep on keepin’ on, NYT et al

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:08 PM

swooooon gael….he is on my list.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:08 PM

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:10 PM

Piper=warm fuzzies.  So cute. 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20179:12 PM

I, too, am against any wall that separates me from Gael Garcia Bernal.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:13 PM

I really dislike her dress.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:14 PM

There is no part of me that likes any part of that dress that Dakota is wearing.  She needs to fire her stylist! 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:14 PM


Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:15 PM

I knew you would be so happy, Lise!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:16 PM

Also, getting an Oscar together must be really great couple bonding for those two <3 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:17 PM

Put away your phones, people. SMH.

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:18 PM

“What is production design,” by the way.  Indeed.  But this is a good bit.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:18 PM

Gary from Chicago!!!  Hilarious!!! 

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:18 PM

I got to kiss Nicole.  Said a guy from Chicago….

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:18 PM

Yes! Chicago is in the house!!!!

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:19 PM

“That man right there.”  CLASSIC

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:19 PM

I would be shaking like Shelly is!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:20 PM

What?  I want Jen’s sunglasses!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:20 PM

Can we get back to the awards? Plz.

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:20 PM

I love that he is making an Oscar winner take the pic with him and his Oscar!!!

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:21 PM

“Ignore the jerk behind him.”  Jimmy is on it.

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:22 PM

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd……and buh-bye.  

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:22 PM

I wonder if that bit went the way they wanted it to…..

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:23 PM

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:24 PM

Like the guy with the Disneyland shirt?  Smeh….been here.  Done that. Thank God for Gary and his bride.

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:24 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:25 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:29 PM

How has no one mentioned Wayne’s World yet?

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:33 PM

I love you, Onion!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 20179:34 PM

Through 12 categories, I have correctly guessed 8 winners. 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:36 PM

Love the Hamilton references, boys! Keep ’em coming. 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 20179:36 PM

Hacksaw Ridge for editing! 

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:36 PM

Don’t we all wish we were Gary from Chicago…

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:42 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:43 PM

LOL @ Google shamelessly cashing in on Lion for their ad. Gotta love that Google Earth!

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:43 PM

My wife, Brenda:  “Geez, these commercials are way better than the ones on the Super Bowl.”  True that.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:46 PM

All of these live-action short films were so good, but I hope La Femme et La TGV takes home the Oscar! So beautiful.

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:46 PM

Saw White Helmets and the rest in this category.  Find them.  All worthy of your time and this movie is really really good.

It is set in Aleppo.  My….

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 20179:48 PM

Okay, I’m fine with that decision. Sing was amazing, too!

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:51 PM

imkingjohn February 26, 20179:56 PM

Oh, he’s not up, Jimmy

Kristin Decker February 26, 20179:57 PM

Love Meryl’s pants!!!!!

imkingjohn February 26, 201710:00 PM

Lala Land?  What’s this? Haven’t heard about it…

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:00 PM

I’m still cracking up at the internet’s use of Gary from Chicago…

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 201710:04 PM

oh my gosh tilda swinton. that was funny.  i mean mean.  #meantweets 

imkingjohn February 26, 201710:05 PM

What Lindsey said.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:14 PM

Oooh, loved that little Pulp Fiction ditty Samuel L. Jackson walked on to…pit orchestra is rocking it!

imkingjohn February 26, 201710:14 PM

A little less of the live schtick in the crowd would be OKAY….but the Kimmel/Damon stuff always makes me laugh

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:14 PM

Okay, if La La Land doesn’t win this, I’m turing off the TV.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:15 PM


imkingjohn February 26, 201710:18 PM

Betcha I’m not the only one checking @realDonadTrump a lot…

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:20 PM

“This is dedicated to all the kids that sing in the rain and all the moms that let them.” Beautiful. 

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 201710:20 PM

…for all the kids that sing in the rain.  love that!

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201710:20 PM

I feel “Sing Street” was overlooked in this category. Fun little film with great music. 

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:20 PM

Hawt dress Anniston.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:20 PM

@Pete I agree with you on Sing Street. What a great movie with awesome music! 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:21 PM

Couldn’t they get Joni Mitchell to sing this? 

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201710:22 PM

I think Sara Bareilles only does music for “In Memorium” segments.

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:27 PM

I’m sooooo excited to see Feud on FX – Davis vs. Crawford…can’t wait.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:30 PM

I’m team Matt Damon. Just saying. #thefeudcontinues

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201710:32 PM

“Two-time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck and guest.” LOL.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201710:33 PM

Happy for Lonergan. “Manchester” deserved some recognition. 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:35 PM

YES Moonlight! Amazing. So beautiful and much deserved. 

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:36 PM

Now that directors Barry Jenkins and Kenneth Lonergan have won for their screenplays, the door is open for Damien to take home Best Director.

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:42 PM

Lise called it!

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:43 PM

Yas Damien Chazelle! Making history! 

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:44 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 201710:46 PM

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:50 PM

Come on, Casey!

Lindsey Smithwick February 26, 201710:51 PM

Hurray Casey!  And I LOVE the beard. 

imkingjohn February 26, 201710:56 PM

Casey was the right choice. Natalie is the wrong one.

imkingjohn February 26, 201710:57 PM

Meryl was really good but that was hard to watch. Dang.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201710:58 PM

Atta girl Emma! I’ll just put this here.

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201711:09 PM

HURRAY! La La Land wins Best Picture! Can’t wait to see it for the 4th time sometime this week. 

imkingjohn February 26, 201711:09 PM

La La.  We cool with that, right?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:10 PM

I know there are a lot of haters out there, but “La La Land” was wonderful.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:11 PM


lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201711:11 PM


Kristin Decker February 26, 201711:12 PM

WAIT, what!?!?!

imkingjohn February 26, 201711:13 PM

Oh no…..IT was such a good night.  What a cluster.

Kristin Decker February 26, 201711:13 PM

I’m soooooooooooo happy!!! ( no offense La La land)

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201711:15 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:15 PM

imkingjohn February 26, 201711:15 PM

And La La dudes were amazingly gracious.  Good Lord, Oscars.  Will Steve Harvey host next year?

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:15 PM

imkingjohn February 26, 201711:16 PM

“I promise, I’ll never come back.”  Not on you, Jimmy.  But shiiiit

lisegrahamwgnam February 26, 201711:16 PM

Warren Beatty, YOU HAD ONE JOB.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:16 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 201711:17 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:17 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:19 PM

imkingjohn February 26, 201711:20 PM

And for the record, Moonlight deserved it, too.  AMAZING movie.

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:21 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:22 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam February 26, 201711:23 PM

Kristin Decker February 26, 201711:30 PM

I keep rewinding and watching and I’m still just as shocked!