Brian Noonan and Cody Gough talk physical therapy, dieting, and yoga

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Row of Exercise Bikes

Brian recounts his extremely painful experience following an intense physical therapy session, and Cody talks about his new diet and how yoga can help in ways most people wouldn’t think it could.

Hear what Brian’s physical therapist did to his legs and how one of the most painful experiences of his life played out when he was sitting in his basement. Plus: Cody raves about DDP Yoga and explains how it’s helped him feel better than he’s ever felt, and he and Brian talk about their diets and Cody has decided that it’s time to change his eating habits.

Then, hear about Brian’s experience auditioning to be a contestant on the $100,000 Pyramid, including his tips and tricks for being cast to appear on a game show if you ever get the opportunity. He also describes the first ever XFL game, which he attended live (much to Cody’s shock).

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