Wintrust Business Lunch 2/24/17: Resumes, MLB Rule Changes, & Powerball Jackpots

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(AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Will it be replaced, repealed, or repaired? It sounds like a little detail but Andrea Hanis (Editor at Blue Sky Innovation & RedEye) discussed the big impact these changes will have for businesses in the shadow of Obamacare. Tom Gimble (CEO of LaSalle Network) was inspired by the warm weather and decided to help listeners spring clean their resumes, Mandy Antoniacci (Sports Business Analyst/Columnist at Inc Magazine & Sports Entrepreneur) checked in with Steve from Spring Training and shared some new rule changes in the MLB, and Kathy Roeser (Managing Dir. & Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley in Chicago) told us what the first steps should be if we won Wednesday’s Powerball Jackpot.