Love and romance with Brian Noonan, Cody Gough, and Craig Collins

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Gotta love Lou Malnati's. They dropped this off for Valentine's Day!

In their first podcast recorded after Valentine’s Day, Brian Noonan and Cody Gough recap their holiday exploits and end up having a discussion about love and romance. Hear Brian’s quest to get the perfect gift for his wife, and Cody’s struggle to celebrate the holiday without indulging “romance culture” while at the same time not coming off as cheap or lazy. Halfway into the podcast, Brian invites producer Craig Collins (host of You’ve Binge Challenged on WGN Plus) into the studio to share his Valentine’s Day stories as well, at which point the conversation on love and romance becomes just plain hilarious.

Plus: Brian gives a rave review of Here Come the Mummies, a band which Cody has plans to see at the House of Blues, and then gives a completely opposite review of the live show “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” which he and Craig agree is one of the worst live shows they have ever seen. Listen to hear whether the show usurped Mama Mia as Brian’s least favorite live show of all time, and hear he and Craig set Cody straight about the live show “Defending the Caveman.”

Also in this podcast: Brian is going to start learning how to play the bodhrán (Irish drum); Brian recommends Geja’s Cafe as a romantic dinner spot; Craig talks exciting things at WGN Plus; and Cody is shocked that he and Brian suddenly have a lot of things in common. It’s a hilarious episode you do not want to miss!

Click here to check out Cody’s WGN Plus podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S.

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