Powell: Cubs Entering New Territory

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Cubs outfielder Matt Sczsur signs autographs for fans. (WGN Radio)

By Kevin Powell

MESA, Ariz. – Loveable Losers no more. That much is certain after the Cubs ended their World Series drought last fall. But could they now be entering the world of the Yankees or Patriots, as teams fans love to hate?

“I don’t know if the word is hated,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said this week. “It works both ways, there are groups that absolutely jump on the bandwagon, too.”

First baseman Anthony Rizzo had this to say about it: “Older man in the gym told me, he’s a big Red Sox and Patriots fan, he goes ‘yea congrats, you guys won one, but you haven’t done anything until the whole country hates you’ and in a way it’s true.”

This is where the Cubs are at. Has there ever been a time the rest of the sports world was envious of the Cubs?

Talks of a repeat have been present at Cubs camp all week, and rightfully so. Really the only two key positional players off the roster are Dexter Fowler and David Ross. Other than that, the majority of the championship squad is intact.

“Most the time when you win a World Series you have a lot of turnover the next year,” three time champion Jon Lester said. “The other two (World Series winning Red Sox) teams were different as well because we didn’t have the carryover that we do this year.”

Visions of a dynasty seem clearer with this club because of the youth on the roster that could end up playing a long time together.

“I think they’re cocky enough and naive enough at the same time to just go out and play again and not really worry about anything,” Lester added.

Forget about ending title droughts, and start thinking about the beginning of a dynasty on the North Side.

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