Advanced strategy board game culture (full show podcast)

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The board game "Blood Rage" (Photo credit: Cody Gough, WGN Radio) (Cody Gough)

Jon and Cody return from a board game weekend extravaganza with their take on strategy board games and the best ways to play with friends. Plus: Jon’s first impressions of Overwatch!

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Show Notes:

  • Cody and Jon went to Madison last weekend to play board games! Hear how and why the weekend ended up involving video games, especially Overwatch
    • Cody also recounts his quest to get “the ultimate weapon” in Final Fantasy XV, which was roughly as disappointing as the rest of the game
  • The first board game of the weekend was Churchill, which Cody attempt to explain, but Jon just can’t process
  • Jon quickly changes the subject to the game Terraforming Mars, which both he and Cody thoroughly enjoyed playing, especially since it reminded Cody of Sid Meier’s Civilization (the video game series)
  • After many years playing advanced board games, Cody presents his theory of three tiers of strategy gaming skill levels—and how to get to the next level
  • Jon argues with Cody about the level of strategy involved in the game 7 Wonders, which is harder to be good at than Jon thinks, no matter what he says
  • Cody laments losing every game he played over the weekend
  • Cody also had the chance to play Superfight, a game he didn’t enjoy when he played a demo at Gen Con a few years ago but enjoyed so much in Madison, he’s actually considering buying a copy
  • Balancing Act
    • Cody has barely played any console games since his Final Fantasy XV binge in Madison
    • Jon “finished” playing Fallout 4 and was NOT pleased with the game; look for a review from Jon in the future!
    • Both Cody and Jon rank their satisfaction with how many games they’ve been playing lately with an 8 out of 10
  • Cody promotes Better Podcasting, a phenomenal podcast hobbyist show on the GonnaGeek Network, and The Starling Tribune, a fan podcast for the TV show Arrow on the CW
  • Jon screws up reading the outro copy and it is hilarious to everyone, but redeems himself with the most hilarious anecdote ever regarding the oft-used online shorthand “af”
  • Learn how to connect with us on the GonnaGeek Network, syndication on WGN Plus, our YouTube channel, and more!
  • Podcast theme song intro/outro credit: ‘Unity‘ by TheFatRat with permission
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