Wintrust Business Lunch 2/7/17: Wall Street, Water Parks, & The White House

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Indoor Water Park, Great Wolf Lodge (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Another high start for Wall Street but a solid spike halfway through the day and CNBC’s Jon Najarian talked us through what was happening with the market and how some people have a developed a trading strategy based on President Trump. Krysti Kovarik is the Mayor of The Village of Gurnee and she will help over look The Great Wolf Lodge taking over Key Lime Cove (the indoor water park and hotel), Suzanne Muchin (host of The Big Payoff) chimed in on White House women in the work place, and Andy Smith (SVP of Financial Planning¬† & Co-Host of Investing Sense) sat down with Steve to debunk some of the financial myths for 2017.