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Kathy and Judy Live blog 1/28/17

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Views from texters to the Kathy and Judy Show.

Kristin Decker January 28, 201710:35 AM

Your relationship to Mary Tyler Moore:

This was one of the first celebrity deaths that actually made me want to cry a little bit. I was young -junior high age- when the Mary Tyler Moore show was on. I felt she was not a a great style icon – loved the clothes and apartment-but also showed a woman who is single and that was OK and had a career. I really loved her character on that show.

Once upon a time women had to wear skirts and dresses at work. With Mary came the acceptance and freedom of pants.

MTM showed how a woman can be good at her job whereas Lucy showed how bad she could be at her job. I am 67 and she definitely was a role model for me.

I’m nearly a 30 year old woman so I watched the show in reruns and LOVED it. Later as I discovered I am gay, I realize I was also attracted to her. She was beautiful!!

Hi Kathy and Judy I remember watching Mary Tyler Moore I am now 54 and she was such a huge role model for me I dreamed of being just like her such a great role model for young girls to feel like you could have a good career didn’t have to rely on a man it was OK to be alone and she was sweet kind and classic she was so important to me but yet I never met her. Its amazing the amount of young womens lives that she touched. Mary from Berwyn


Brave yet slf-effacng
Pts werent preachy
Not anti-male
Creative in general

All traits u 2 have!

I loved MTM! I was about 10 when my family watched the show. I began to imagine I could have a career …

For me, making it ok to NOT live at home with parents until marriage. Her show made that all public knowledge. And those that did, perhaps were weak?

Hi. Another way MTM seemed real was that she could never throw a good party. They were boring to people. This was when she was in her adorable apartment.

Oh my. It was a tv show. The character she played was fun.
Mary Tyler Moore had a sad life. Illness, death of a child and 2 failed marriages. She was a big advocate for diabetes

I was a high school freshman when MTM started. I loved it so much that when I wasn’t home to watch I would ask my mom to record it on a little tape recorder. She definitely showed me there were other options than becoming a stifled housewife. As it turned out I never became a housewife. I have a career and kids and got rid of a husband I didn’t need.

I moved away after college and loved my studio apartment and sofa sleeper because it looked like Mary’s

She didn’t really impact me in any way. She was O.K., . I don’t remember ever thinking that I had to be a mom. I always felt like you could do what you wanted.

MTM was an icon for gay men too. I lived in rural Illinois and watching her buck the conventions made me realize there were possibilities and opportunities for me as well.

The day after Mary Tyler Moore died, a friend at church came up to me and offered condolences on the death and I didn’t understand what she meant. When I asked, she said the death of Laura Petrie. Then I got it. My daughters name is Laura Petry.

Kristin Decker January 28, 201710:57 AM

Did your parents ever change your name?
My mom taught me how to spell my name wrong different than my birth papers caused problems when i turned 50.

My given name is Stephanie. But my mom never wanted me to have a nickname, so they started using my middle name. Everyone knows me by my middle name and it causes lots of confusion when my legal name is known :-)

Hi beautiful girlfriends! I had a girlfriend in high school and her name was Connie. She hated her name and when she turned 18 she legally changed it to Constance. Her boyfriend, in confidence told me it fits her because she was Constancely bitching. A few months went by and she overheard him saying that to a guy friend and soon after changed it back. It was hilarious back in 1982, and still is.

I have second cousins who were Laura and Lisa. Everyone called them Laurel and Lisel. So the parents legally changed them when they were 10 or12 yrs old

We adopted 2 girls from Russia at aged 5 and 2. My then-husband and both boys (ages 11 and 5) all agreed that the older girl was more of a Katie than a Rubina. Katie was perfect for her. Now she is transgender and changing her name to Caden!

My mother-in-law always thought her name was Cinderella. When visiting her hometown in Sugar Creek Ohio in the early 1970s she decided to get a copy of her birth certificate. When she got the birth certificate she saw that her legal name was Infant. It turns out she was a homebirth and her mother never bothered to record her name on her birth certificate. She lived her life being called Cinderella and still had no idea why.

My full given name at birth was Kristene Patricia. My parents and their families called me Kristie. When I was 8, I decided to be Kris. Because the boys in the neighborhood would not play baseball with Kristie. I would not answer to anything but Kris.

My daughter Alexandra was nicknamed Allie from birth and I realized that when her name would be called at school as Allie Mallow and how awful that would sound, so we changed it to Lexie! My old neighbor calls her Allie to this day and my daughter is 24!

We had a big group of kids entering Kindergarden in 1955. Neighbor 5 yr old Dennis came home 1st day crying that older kids called him Dennis The Menace and his parents changed his name to James😈

Kris stuck. When I was 25 I got married and took my husbands last name. I was in phone sales. Kris Richardson stuck in my mouth. My late FIL asked me what my given name was. Kristene Richardson is long but it works. And I’ve been Kristene ever since. My mom however after 30 years of marriage to my husband still gets chapped that I go by Kristene. The name she gave me in the first place!


Wanted to change my name but had to wait until my mother died. She would have been livid. Changed from Michalene to Micki

Jeff Carlin’s hospital ID band read Snoockums Carlin because we could not decide on a name, so the nurses put that on his ID. Seven days later we had to give him a name before we left the hospital… so said the staff. His ID reads Snoockums.