Gaming in bars and casinos (Game/Life Balance full episode)

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Pull-tabs (Photo credit: Bradley Stemke) (Bradley Stemke)

Cody and Jon talk gaming in bars and casinos and how they, as gamers, approach gambling*. Hear about gambling laws in Minnesota and Illinois, plus future plans to visit Las Vegas and where they might hope to win it big!

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*If you think you might have a gambling addiction, then call 1-800-522-4700. The National Council on Problem Gambling operates the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network (1-800-522-4700). The network is a single national access point to local resources for those seeking help for a gambling problem.

Show Notes:

  • Cody calls Jon out when he claims that parks are indoors in Minnesota
  • Jon explains pull-tabs, a form of gambling available in bars in Minnesota, and shares some exciting news about his wife hitting it big just before the recording of this podcast episode
  • Jon shares the exciting news of how he bought a new suit, and he and Cody swap stories about men’s fashion and dressing up as adults
    • Cody is panicked about an upcoming trip to Switzerland, during which he has no idea how he will dress
    • Fun facts about the dark web, the black market for ascots, and asking kids what they drew in their pictures
  • Cody and Jon exchange stories about gambling in the states of Illinois and Minnesota, respectively, and decide to plan an impromptu trip to Las Vegas next summer
    • Jon also goes into the specifics of “Vegas odds” and what games have the best odds for the player (as opposed to the best odds for the house)
    • Cody promises to bet on 9 at a roulette table when in Vegas, but only if their ladies are dressed to the nines, and will buy everyone a cheap meal if he wins
  • Cody briefly discusses his hilarious Twitter commentary on Final Fantasy XV, which is ongoing and quite humorous
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  • Podcast theme song intro/outro credit: ‘Unity‘ by TheFatRat with permission
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