Cochrantings: President Trump

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This will shock many of you but Donald Trump has never asked me for advice.

Nonetheless I’m rooting for him. Ok, stop laughing. He is the 45th President of the United States and we all win if he’s great at the job.

The upside is he hates to lose and has the power of the world’s greatest nation to help him win.

The downside is he’s shown no signs of changing his big, bad, bully ways.

So, with all due respect Mr. President, the following are sincere and urgent requests to help make you the best you can be in the most important job in the world.


I didn’t say don’t tweet. As a matter of fact I think you should tweet. But please don’t tweet every petty thing that comes to mind. Use Twitter to shape your message to make America better not to make you feel better.


Stop responding to every shot you get or think is a shot at you.

You don’t have the time to hit back at everybody and you need to be above it.

You will be insulted everyday. None of it matters because you already won.

Be above it. Grow up. Be the President.


Every President lies. Sometimes because they have to and sometimes when they don’t.

You lie too much, too often, and you’re not very good at it.

In an age of instant fact checking know that you will be busted every time you tell a stupid lie.

Don’t be stupid. You’re the President.


You’ll be amazed at the power of honesty as the President. Try it.

Throughout the campaign and the transition you have shown that the truth is not your first instinct. It’s just one option you may choose.

Tell the truth Mr. President. Please.


By now the reality of what you’re facing should be starting to set in.

There have only been 44 before you who have had the honor and this burden. Own that.

You don’t need to brag about anything.

Your best chance of thriving and of surviving as President is to respect where you are and be humble.


An occasional rally is fine but you are going to be way too busy for extended rock star tours to make you feel good

One of your great strengths is that you truthfully are neither a Republican or a Democrat.

You have a chance to force change in Congress by working across the aisle in both directions and making the House and Senate do the same.

You’re a golfer. Play the middle. Fairways and greens.


Stop the dishonest, crooked media nonsense. You have already done untold damage by pushing this narrative of fake news.

The media made you and they can break you. You don’t have to be friendly or even like them but stop trashing them. It’s more than just dumb- it’s dangerous.

As for the FBI, CIA and all the other agencies that protect us…don’t EVER trash them in public again. Are you kidding? You can’t not understand that.

You have a beef with intel? Deal with issues behind closed doors and show them the respect you expect them to show you.


Don’t be the old dog that can’t learn new tricks. We all have a 70 year old uncle who is the blowhard that ruins Thanksgiving. Don’t be that guy.

Be the new Trump. The Trump that listens and learns. Surprise us. Do that and you’ll win over those who have no belief in you. Prove the doubters wrong.

You might even get me.

GOOD LUCK Mr. President! And thanks for listening.


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