Kathy and Judy Live Blog 1/14/16

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Kristin Decker January 14, 201710:37 AM

Will you be marching in the Women’s march and why?

I’m afraid these marches will turn into a clusterF. I hope not but it from what I read it is confusing. Good for the 72yr old who’s going I’m just sick that this moron is going to be the president.

I am marching to remind Donald Trump that many progressives still live in the US. We are not going anywhere!

Barely survived the last 8 years? Come on man! That is ridiculous. Obama saved the auto industry, the economy was cratering. 20 million jobs biggest growth under Obama

My sister and I are marching in DC. We are going, sadly, for any number of reasons we feel DT is unacceptable to be our country’s president.

I believe I saw a reputable site that states no signs will be allowed in DC. Also, purses *very* small only.

My daughter and I are marching for a better future for her generation. I accept all the different viewpoints that are going on the March, everyone’s going for their own reason. I’m going with the big group that’s including men women and teenage girls. We all have our own reasons and are respecting everyone’s views. And in my opinion, this March is not a protest for Trump, it is so my daughter doesn’t have to work extra hard to make the same pay as a man, it’s my daughter can make the choices she needs to make her life better.

You ladies are amazing! I believe we need to give the new President a chance but I do believe that everyone should let him know their concerns. To date I have not seen President Elect Trump truly listen to anyone and I hope the march opens him to compromise on issues.

Why didn’t all of the women who are marching worry about this election two years ago? They needed to back Hillary and all of her supporters then to get her to the White House. This March next weekend likely will create jobs and tax revenue for all the cities which is Likely the best thing that can come of it. I would be concerned that riots and police violence will likely occur because of it good luck to all of you and hopefully you will find you are in a better position than you thought in four years.

I didn’t know there is a March in Chicago. I am 74 and I am going!
I went to DC to protest Bush’s war in 2003 and 2004. I can march! Probably futile but I will be there to make a statement.

Kristin Decker January 14, 201710:57 AM

Have you been a very involved mother of the groom:

I was a very involved mother of the groom. We paid for the wedding but we also involved the mother of the bride even though she didn’t contribute.

As a mother of 3 daughters I would have appreciated more input and interest in the wedding of our children instead of the grooms’ parents just showing up as any regular guest.

As far as your caller about the rehearsal dinner. ..that is the groom’s parents thing

I will encourage my son to elope. In fact I will pay him to. The whole thing is out of control these days.

A dsughter’s a daughter all her life. A son’s a son til he takes a wife. I won’t evenstart on my sons. They both married GCB’s-Good Christian Bitches.

I sympathize with the caller. My husband & I can’t figure out our daughter-in-law. She has never called us in their 20 yrs of marriage.

Your last caller could have been me. Very sad. And my son is an only child. HER mother died on my birthday. Now that’s even ruined.

Kristin Decker January 14, 201711:33 AM

What’s up with the Real Housewives franchise?

I am a 51-yr-old man who watches several of the Housewives shows. A totally guilty pleasure. The hook for me is that compared to the cast members my life looks blissful. It makes me feel good about my own life vs complete and severe dysfunction.

Andy Cohen is a genius. He built a franchise around viewers’ desire for real-life drama/dysfunction.

Atlanta the funniest O C too much screaming.real life far more interesting

I used to occasionally watch the women of Orange County. I found them all to be vain, mean spirited and self centered. They are poor role models and although they have much money they emulate everything I never want to be in life!

There’s also “Ladies of London” on Bravo. Same exact premise with a somewhat younger cast. A few American ex-pats who married “well” mixed in with British aristocracy girls. 2 of the girls are from the Chicago area.

Never watch. Do not understand women being unkind and mean spirited to other women for “entertainment. ” xteacher

I watch most of them. It makes me realize that money does not buy happiness. And I’m glad im not rich if you have to be & deal with people like them!

K and J, housewives are so much fun! You would like! Carole radziwill is fantastic as are others!

Kristin Decker January 14, 201711:54 AM

Were you bullied as a child?

I wore a back brace all through grade school. I had no friends. People wouldn’t invite me anywhere. It does affect you. I didn’t know how to be a friend. Thank God I had sisters

So…I think being left out is a form of bullying. 42 in my class and I was rarely included in social activities. 35 years later they all want me at class reunions. Oh, you were just so sweet. What? Because I didn’t call you out on your crap?! Not gonna give them anymore of my time!!!

My sister was bullies horribly as a child by schoolmates. They sensed insecurity and prayed on it. She always has been a people pleaser and lets the men in her life walk all over her. These men have destoyed her life but she stays loyal to them. Ex husband. Current dirt bag husband. And abusive son.

I was bullied by just ONE girl, ONE time, and it still to this day affects me. I wish I could see her so I could give her a piece of my mind

Came from germany at 5 now 62 talked funny could not speak english any of my family parents were 4O dressed funny if only the americans knew how hurtful it was to be called nazis never felt like i fit in as an adult

I was bullied as a teen but after a few karate lessons, I got the revenge I wanted! Thankfully, I’ve outgrown that mentality. Glenn, Evanston

I was bullied in Catholic school by the girls in grade school. They called me stupid and would never sit by me, would isolate me on field trips. To this day I avoid women like that.

20+ years later…I still would like to throat punch my taunters for the torment they inflicted on me from 7th-12th grade

I was bullied. Had eating disorder, drinking issue, suicide attempts, and will always have scars, but know how to keeep them closed. I have grown emotionally and spiritually and can say I finally love myself

I am going into a meeting, but I want to say that I was bullied as a child and pre-teen and it stays with me even though it has been years. I am not the fat & lonely girl was then😔but I remember.

Hi girls, I was always tall and skinny and my name is Winnie!! I was bullied through high school; however karma has been with me at our school reunions-all 55 of them. I became a teacher and was determined that “my” kids would not be bullied!