Wintrust Business Lunch 1/13/17 | The Demise of the American Mall and “Getting to Yes, And..” with Kelly Leonard

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Mike Heidemann and Steve Bertrand [Business Lunch]

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with  Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes:  Andrea Hanis (Editor of Blue Sky Innovation), Tom Gimbel (Founder and CEO of LaSalle Network), Kelly Leonard (Creative Advisor at Second City Works), Robert Reed (Columnist at the Chicago Tribune).

Steve begins the show talking with Andrea Hanis of Blue Sky Innovation about the recent news surrounding Bow Truss closing 10 locations as coffee chain fails to pay many employees.  They also touch on Mac & Mia, a Trunk Club-style service for kids, recently raising $3M in seed funding.

Then, Tom Gimbel joins us to pose the question:  What do new managers need to do to earn the trust and respect of a new team? They delve into the topic as well as tie it to the most recent presidential election.

Kelly Leonard (Creative Advisor at Second City Works) joins Steve to announce the news that Second City Works recently announced “ReWire U” – which is an executive education platform for high potential employees that gives them a deep dive into improvisational practices that they can bring into their work lives to drive innovation and success. They also discuss Kelly’s podcast ‘Getting to Yes, And…” which is focused on ways for us to find connections between thought leaders, CEO’s and CMO’s about how we can make work more successful, more fulfilling – often myth-busting well-work business conventions.  Guests have included Christie Hefner, Simon Sinek and Adam McKay – among others.  You can find this and other great podcasts on or

Finally, Robert Reed (Columnist at the Chicago Tribune) joins Steve to discuss the recent demise of Malls across America.

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