Is Technology Melting Your Brain? And Mike Thinks Crying Is “Unmanly”

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Jones is certain that modern technology is “turning him grey” and he ponders turning off the Wi-Fi, tossing out the iPhone and walking away from it all. Living in a box and working in a cube Jones is fatigued by modern life and tells Mike about his plan to go through a 10 day detox diet. Mike understands Jones’s woe as he cites an article that he happened to read earlier in the week by Daniel Levitin, “Why the modern world is bad for your brain.” Struck by the article Jones talks to Mike about his dopamine addicted behaviors and wonders what he can do to stop them.  Moving away from technological ennui Mike tells Jones that he thinks crying, particularly male crying, is a useless activity, and Jones talks about a possible curse that his mother placed on him as she passed away that now prevents him from shedding tears. Mike confesses to two times in his life when he broke down and cried…like a woman, and he tells Jones about two male associates that constantly shed tears when they find themselves under pressure.


Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones thinks the modern world is killing him.

12:32 – Mike talks about Daniel Levitin’s article, “Why the modern world is bad for your brain.”

24:08 – Should men cry…Mike thinks not, and he taunts weeping males too man up.

35:26 – Mike talks about two professional associates in his life that continually resort to crying when they find themselves under pressure.

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