Wintrust Business Lunch 1/12/17 | What’s happening with Twitter? And a look at the original IPhone’s rocky start

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Lewis Lazarre with Steve Bertrand [Business Lunch]

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with  Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes: CNET Editor, Ian Sherr; Chicago Business Journal Reporter, Lewis Lazar; Ilyce Glink (; Phillipe Weiss (Managing Director at Seyfarth Shaw At Work).

Steve begins the show talking with CNET Editor, Ian Sherr about the recent anniversary of the IPhone and it’s rocky start near the beginning of it’s inception.  Also, they discuss how the tech world is struggling to come up with the next thing after the phone, coming up with all manner of sensor products like self-driving cars, AR/VR, wearables, robots, smart home, etc.  All this and more!

Then, Steve brings on Chicago Business Journal Reporter, Lewis Lazare about the recent controversy over United Airlines uniforms that are presenting a problem for employees which United does not seem to want to address.  hey also cover some of the business management and changing positions happening in the air travel industry.

Then, Ilyce Glink ( joins the show to discuss the recent updates from CES and the continueing problems with Twitter… Are they restructuring?  Steve and Ilyce work to dis-construct this story.

Finally, we close with Phillipe Weiss (Managing Director at Seyfarth Shaw At Work) to delve into a New Illinois Law: “Grandma Gets It Too” ( Employee Sick Leave Act ) – Under this new law, if a company gives an employee sick leave time for the employee’s own illness (which is very common), they must now allow the time to be used “to take care of” a wide number of the employee’s family members. All this and more with Phillipe!

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