Live Blog: The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

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We’re live blogging the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Stay with us for all the insights and snark.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:22 PM

Excited to be live blogging the Golden Globes!  I just started watching people arriving on the red carpet…

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:23 PM

LOVE the show This is Us.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:26 PM

Awwww, the Stranger Things kids have hit puberty!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:37 PM

That is a wowza dress.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:39 PM

Eleven! What a doll.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:52 PM

The only time it’s ok to twin with somebody at an awards show.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20175:57 PM

So glad to see diversity at The Golden Globes!
Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:03 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:05 PM

Hello! I just turned on the red carpet.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:06 PM

Everybody looks great. Love the Stranger Things kids. And Amy Adams. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:06 PM

Full disclosure: flipping between this and the Packers game until the show starts.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:09 PM

Riz Ahmed had a better year than anybody. The Night Of, Rogue One, and he’s in an awesome rap duo called Swet Shop Boys.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:10 PM

Justin Timberlake’s concert movie on Netflix (directed by Jonathan Demme) is pretty great. 

Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:11 PM

Full disclosure: I saw the show started at 7pm and I thought it said Eastern time…so I started live blogging at 5:30 (thinking the show started at 6pm our time)…fortunately there is A LOT of red carpet coverage – so there’s been plenty to do.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:11 PM

Al Roker called Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba…silly Al.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:12 PM

Hahahahahah 90 minutes of red carpet live blogging… you’re so brave.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:16 PM

I’m very glad you have arrived on the scene…I was starting to feel…superficial.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:22 PM

Good to be here. I’m watching the stupid stupid football game again. The outfits are very predictable :(

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:25 PM

Gosling has arrived. This is not a drill.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:28 PM

Lady on NBC called it “Hidden Fences” instead of “Hidden Figures” while talking to Pharrell. WHOOOOOOOOOOOPS

Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:34 PM

Al Roker is talking to Colin about John’s favorite movie – The Lobster!!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20176:39 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:41 PM

Michelle Williams is there for Manchester but I loved her even more in Certain Women!!! Both great movies.

kathyomalley January 8, 20176:44 PM

Just connected! Has it been noted that pink/flesh and metallic seems to be the 2017 trend? And Griff is right — Certain Women rocked!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:46 PM

Big disagreement over Jenna Bush’s dress in the group I’m watching with. It was referred to by one watcher as “that green thing on the left,” others think it’s great

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:52 PM

Pine is the best Chris in hollywood

kathyomalley January 8, 20176:57 PM

Hey, where’s all the old people? I need myself some Helen Mirren…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20176:58 PM

Still waiting on Isabelle Huppert! Or maybe I missed her

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:00 PM

La La Land opening spoof. Good call

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:01 PM

Fallon. Hairpiece?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:01 PM

I LOVE musical numbers!!!!

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:02 PM


Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:02 PM

Eleven rapping is amzing and BARB!!!!! My life is complete!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:02 PM


griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:02 PM

Haha are they just gonna do the entire La La Land soundtrack?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:04 PM

The bromance of JT and Fallon.  

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:06 PM

For real?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:06 PM

Haha this is real! 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:06 PM

Damn I really wanted to see Jimmy fully melt down.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:07 PM

Mariah Carey style.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:08 PM

John Travolta’s toupee should be nominated for something

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:08 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:09 PM

Still mad at Jimmy for touching Trump’s hair.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:10 PM

Questlove!!! Hell yeah

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:10 PM

Weak monologue. Remember how good Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:11 PM

Mahershala Ali should win.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:11 PM

When did Dev Patel get so hot?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:11 PM

He has really grown up from Slumdog days.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:11 PM

Sometime between The Newsroom and now. Ellen proclaimed him Sexiest Man Alive. 

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:12 PM

He scared the crap out of me in that movie…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:12 PM

I haven’t seen Lion but is he a supporting actor in that movie??? 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:12 PM

I thought he was the lead.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:12 PM

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – swooooon!!! 

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:13 PM

The guy who just won? From Nocturnal Animals

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:13 PM

I LOVE Mr. Robot. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:13 PM

Rami won the Emmy. I’d love to see him win this too.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:14 PM

I need to see that show – Goliath…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:14 PM

I always forget how weird the Golden Globes are. I’ve barely even heard of this show.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:14 PM

Too many TV series to stay on top of…

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:15 PM

They’re all usually pretty drunk.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:16 PM

He will likely be the only winner that was also in Bad Santa 2. 

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:16 PM

Haha – safe to say – I think you are right Griff.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:16 PM

Ah! There’s my girl!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:16 PM

WAIT I take it back, Octavia Spencer is nominated hahahahahhaha

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:17 PM

Bad Santa 2 making a great showing at this Golden Globes.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:18 PM

OK Graff where did you pull that information out of?

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:19 PM

OK Graff where did you pull that information out of?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:20 PM

Haha, just remembered that she’s in that movie too! But we’re getting sidetracked. No more Bad Santa 2 talk.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:20 PM

And she’s up for supporting actress in Hidden Figures.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:20 PM

Autocorrect doesn’t like your name, GF…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:20 PM

Hugh looks like Bill Clinton.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:21 PM

Totally agree!! He is really showing his age (that is not a bad thing).

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:21 PM

I think we should rate all these people on a Drunk Scale of 1-10. Hugh was a 6

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:22 PM

Drew- 7 – she has drunk eyes.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:23 PM

Drew has no boobs

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:23 PM

Rooting for Issa Rae! I love Insecure.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:24 PM

It always takes winners FOREVER to get up to the stage at the Globes.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:24 PM

Tracee is a TV god. That was a strong category.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:24 PM

Not good to hug so much your applause is used up before you get to the stage..

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:26 PM

Nick Digilio loves Atlanta.. I need to give it another chance.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:26 PM

I loooooooooooove Atlanta. Definitely my pick among those, but I love Transparent and Veep too.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:28 PM

I have to hang out at my TV more. Way behind on series…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:29 PM

No speech prepared, Donald Glover is the best. So multi-talented. Made a great show and album this year. Used to be a writer on 30 Rock.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:30 PM

Make sure you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, and  Amazon Video – or you will be behind!

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:30 PM

Got ’em all. Just need to use ’em!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:31 PM

I’m obsessing over this short show 6 episode show on Amazon called Fleabag.  26 min episodes… so funny. Highly recommend.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:31 PM

Whatever happened to The Path on Hulu? Love Aaron Paul.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:32 PM

I thought Fleabag was the best show of the year. Atlanta in a close second. Thought the Golden Globes might nominate it, sad that she’s not there!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:33 PM

Questlove just oozes cool.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:35 PM

Did not love this movie. Mel Gibson’s obsession with violence (and a lot of other things about him) icks me out.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:36 PM

Just a reminder that these awards are based on less than 100 votes.

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:37 PM

John Williams here. I miss much?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:37 PM

She deserves it but I’ve gotta say I did not much like this show either. I watched 3 episodes and checked out. “OJ: Made in America” was amazing tho

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:38 PM

Didn’t mention Holland Taylor… are they still a thing?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:39 PM

I hope Night Of wins.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:39 PM

Limited series/tv movie used to be such a snooze. Now it’s practically the main event.

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:40 PM

Okay. I’ll go back. And watch.  But it as sure as hell had better be better than Night Of

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:40 PM

Hey, John. We’re rating, where applicable, people on a 1-10 drunk scale.

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:45 PM

Good news on drunk thing, Kathy.  Are you reviewing the awards, too?  Just saw, this evening, Moonlight. WOW.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:46 PM

Annette Benning is gorgeous…but needs a little shine control on her face.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:46 PM

DYING to see 20th Century Women. Still not out for us though.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:47 PM

Nice to be reminded of how yummy Matt Bomer is.

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:48 PM

Lithgow’s crown version of Churchill was the best thing I’ve ever seen him do.

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:49 PM

Hugh Laurie: 6

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:49 PM

Has there been much Trump stuff?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:50 PM

Are they gonna make Questlove play people off?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:51 PM

That was more Trump stuff than they’ve done all night. Jimmy Fallon had a couple very tepid jokes up top, but they’re still buddies so he can’t go that hard.

imkingjohn January 8, 20177:52 PM

LaLa should win

kathyomalley January 8, 20177:52 PM

Where’s Eva Mendes?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:53 PM

Very surprised that Mica Levi wasn’t nominated for her Jackie score. That was amazing music. But La La Land was a shoo-in.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:55 PM

This was not my favorite song from La La Land! But fair enough. Really liked the songs in Moana too.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20177:56 PM

I was hoping Lin Manuel-Miranda would win.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20177:58 PM

Btw this dog movie looks god awful

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:01 PM

Question: did you cry in La La Land? I know many have. I didn’t come close. Still reallly realllllllly liked it.

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:01 PM

OMG Ryan Gosling. That’s all.

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:02 PM

I cried. The what-might-have-been thing did it…

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:02 PM

Moonlight or Manchester.

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:02 PM

Or Fences, Viola Davis.  yeah, that’s the ticket.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:03 PM

I love Viola Davis.  I need to see Fences.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:03 PM

Like a big ol dummy I still haven’t seen Fences but I’ve heard that this is more of a lead performance that they switched to supporting for a better chance at the Oscar.

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:04 PM

She was the best thing in Fences.  That movie isn’t great, it’s “art,” as she says.  But she was the BEST part of the movie.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:04 PM

Great speech! “It does scream art, it does scream heart.”

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:04 PM

Why does DW look so grouchy?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:06 PM

Who is DW?

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:06 PM


imkingjohn January 8, 20178:07 PM

And for the record, Denzel was better in Flight and Philadelphia so let’s not all fall all over the promos of Denzel’s “greatest performance.”   

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:07 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:07 PM

So far Jimmy Fallon is competent but wildly forgettable as host! The opening number was real fun

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:09 PM

Cuba’s tux is KILLING

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:10 PM

Cuba: 8

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:10 PM

No, KO, that’s Cuba waking up.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:10 PM

Bummed that nobody from “This is Us” won.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:11 PM

The cuteness is killing me!!!!

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:11 PM

That child was magical.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:12 PM

Goldie- 8

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:12 PM


griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:12 PM

Goldie: 9.5

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:13 PM

Goldie 8.5

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:13 PM

Is this fake or real??

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:14 PM

Love the cutaways to Kurt R.  He’s like, yeah, she’s a wreck, but she’s MY wreck

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:14 PM

We’re debating now. I think it’s real

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:14 PM

Ryan. Sigh.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:15 PM

Any crowd shot of the Stranger Things kids is a winner!

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:15 PM

No, she was schtick

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:16 PM

Ah. There’s Eva.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:16 PM


griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:18 PM

Gosling was great in La La Land, I’ve seen a lot of people dissing his singing and dancing, but he made the non-musical scenes pop. The movie doesn’t lose much steam when the songs stop, he had a lot to do with that.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:19 PM

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:19 PM

Real anxious to see Hidden Figures. Read a book about it.  It’s just amazing and tragic how marginalized the talent pool of women and blacks were in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc etc etc.  

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:21 PM

His singing was good; were it GREAT it would almost detract, right?  SHE wasn’t a great singer, either.  The singing was even, the show was FUN

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:21 PM

I mean, Ryan and Emma weren’t the best dancers you saw either….

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:22 PM

Oh boy, this movie is really gonna clean up. Expected screenplay to go to Manchester. 

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:24 PM

It’s so apples and oranges.  Manchester and Moonlight are as good or better than this, just different.  I hope they don’t get lost…

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:25 PM

Jungle Book, first animated movie…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:25 PM

La La Land has a smart script but it does not live on the page. Weird choice for that award, I think it’ll go somewhere else at the Oscars. 

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:25 PM

You guys?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:25 PM

This is so great. I don’t remember. 

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:26 PM

Can Kristen Wiig and Steve host next year?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:26 PM


griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:27 PM

I loooooved Zootopia. Rooting for that

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:28 PM

Hard to beat the sloths at the DMV

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:28 PM

Point Kathy!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:30 PM

Just saw the Carrie/Debbie doc on HBO – Bright Lights – highly recommend.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:31 PM

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:36 PM

Casey said he is doing a role right now and hates how he looks – like getting the chicken pox on your wedding day…I wonder if he is still filming the Lewis and Clark thing that Clay Jenkinson advised?

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:38 PM

Sit down.

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:38 PM

Deck, that is what we are wondering.  Our Thomas Jefferson/Teddy Roosevelt – Clay Jenkinson – once said to me, “I’m advising on this move about Lewis and Clark with a …..Casey Afleck.  Have you heard of him…?”

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:39 PM

Rooting for Riz

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:39 PM

Night Of…one of them should get it…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:40 PM

Can’t talk shit on the Night Manager because I didn’t watch it but watching it win all these awards is suuuuuper boring.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:41 PM

I don’t understand why Tom Hiddleston is famous.

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:42 PM

Taylor Swift.

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:43 PM

Autocorrect actually changed my chosen word to blink and then to bone.

kathyomalley January 8, 20178:44 PM

Matthew Crawley as The Beast!

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:51 PM

I like how she hustled up to that stage!

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:52 PM

Claire Foy and The Crown are really good; and here’s my second shout out to Lithgow, but you must watch Outlander.  IT IS TERRIFIC

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:52 PM

tough category

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:53 PM

I liked The Crown better than Downton.  Is that wrong?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:53 PM

British things always seem to win!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20178:53 PM

Yeah I’m not surprised that the Crown is cleaning up. Golden Globes love British stars.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:57 PM

imkingjohn January 8, 20178:58 PM

Movie ads and trailers for Space Between Us are so bad.  That’s a sophomore year short story right?  Boy born on Mars can’t live on earth, comes here, meets a girl, uh-hoh, we have to fly him back to Mars!  Mars isn’t, like, Peoria, right?  It takes nine months to get there and costs 1.7 jillion dollars.  Yes, Griffin, I’m now judging as stupid a film I haven’t seen.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20178:59 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:00 PM

Viola: 7

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:00 PM


imkingjohn January 8, 20179:02 PM

Viola describing MS as a “thief” I think is brilliant.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:04 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:05 PM

I love Meryl Streep and I’m loving this but every single awards show ends up being entirely about her annnnnnnnddddd I’m a little bit over it.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:06 PM

She is the female Jack Nicholson at award shows. Always a hit!

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:06 PM

This music is a bit overwrought.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:08 PM

Hahahaha at the gasp from the crowd after she said “I lost my voice”

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:10 PM

Sneak attack!  MS is on it!  YOU CANNOT RUSH THIS AWARD!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:12 PM

Well this is fantastic.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:12 PM

I gurantee Trump will be sending a hateful tweet to Meryl.

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:12 PM

Thank you, Meryl. Stupid immature Twitter post surely to follow.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:13 PM

I bet Questlove does NOT play off Meryl.

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:13 PM

SHE’S DOUBLING DOWN!  Disrespect invites disrespect.  And “we need to the press to call him on the carpet and call out every outrage.” If there is a committee to protect journalists, sign me up. And wow, she brought it around and landed it.  THAT was a memorable speech. 

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:14 PM

She sobered that crowd up.  She is amazing on so  many levels.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:15 PM

Obvious highlight of the show. The diversion is nice but Fallon’s monologue was so toothless that it was feeling a little conspicuous that no one was talking about Trump at all. Amazing amazing amazing.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:15 PM

What’s everybody’s favorite Meryl movie?

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:15 PM

Tick tick tick…I’ll get back to you on Trumps tweet, which will go something like, “Streep supports dishonest media and loser Hillary, but I won by a landslide.  And she never wins a major award.  So Sad!”

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:15 PM

Out of Africa…my first MS

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:18 PM

There are so many good ones…so tough…I can’t pick. 

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:18 PM

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:18 PM

Mine Deer Hunter

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:19 PM

Yeah I’m having a hard time answering my own question haha. Doubt, It’s Complicated, Prairie Home Companion

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:20 PM

Yum yum.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:22 PM

This one should really go to Barry Jenkins. But La La Land is on a roll.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:28 PM

Atlanta did really re-invent the half hour comedy, a genre that’s been in constant upheaval for the past few years. It’s an amazing show. Totally deserving of everything it gets.

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:30 PM

Moments in, DT still no word on MS.  Tomorrow that speech will be everywhere.  Somewhere, @ivankatrump is like, “Daddy, no, don’t.  Please.  No!”

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:33 PM

Emma Stone was obviously a lock for this one. And deserving. But I LOVED Hailee Steinfeld in Edge of 17. 

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:34 PM

Me, too, Griff.  

But this is delightful.

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:37 PM

I did not see Sing School…is it out yet?

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:37 PM

I mean Sing Street.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:38 PM

Sing Street came out in the early summer I think. Kristin you would LOVE it! It’s really fun

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:40 PM

Made by the guy that made Once and Begin Again

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:41 PM

Hooooo! my wife said.  

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:43 PM

I forgot that Brad Pitt was a producer of Moonlight!

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:44 PM

hurray for lalaland i said in lower case letters…

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:46 PM

The drum thing is a very effective shut up tool.

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:46 PM

“And now more than ever….” Bump him out.  Geez.  We’ve got time for Discover spots but not the show itself. Walk off music always makes me crazy.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:46 PM

Eh I didn’t mind that dude getting shut out. La La Land has had its time on stage tonight

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:47 PM


Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:47 PM

But he’s not Meryl. So no one cares.

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:47 PM

he wrote, rehearsed, felt, and readied it and then….drum drum out

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:48 PM

I totally get the over exposure of La La; I just don’t like the bum’s rush on these award shows.  It’s so conflicted.  Do a show to honor people and then never give them their moment…it’s weird

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:49 PM

It is dumb that the small awards get way more time. But I really can’t bring myself to get too worked up

imkingjohn January 8, 20179:51 PM

Casey wins!  Was he a  back up dancer?

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:51 PM

Weren’t Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield an item until recently?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:54 PM

Yes, and I thought they got back together but I guess not. 

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:57 PM

Jimmy was kind of meh, yes?

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:57 PM

Love to see Ruth Negga win here. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:58 PM

Jimmy has been EXTREEEEMELY meh yes

Kristin Decker January 8, 20179:58 PM

Jimmy was not good. unforgettable, really. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 20179:59 PM

This is a huge surprise but I love it. She was amazing in this movie. 

kathyomalley January 8, 20179:59 PM

Easy, Isabelle. Less than 100 people voted on this…

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 201710:00 PM

 I don’t love the movie as much as her performance. It’s extremely prickly, takes on hot button issues brazenly and not always successfully. But she is deserving.

imkingjohn January 8, 201710:00 PM

I think Jimmy is in the unenviable position of having to be fast

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 201710:00 PM

Yeah but he stunk in the monologue too

kathyomalley January 8, 201710:01 PM

Weird hairline, Rocky.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 201710:01 PM


imkingjohn January 8, 201710:02 PM

Has 2016 been a good movie year?  I’m seeing a bunch good movies lately…

kathyomalley January 8, 201710:04 PM

Night, kids. John, lets have lunch when you’re next in town.

Kristin Decker January 8, 201710:04 PM

See you all for the Oscars!

imkingjohn January 8, 201710:04 PM

Thank you guys!  Kathy, I”m buying!

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 201710:05 PM

It was a terrible summer for blockbusters but the awards season movies have all delivered big time.

griffinfillipitchwgnam January 8, 201710:05 PM

Yep I’ll be better prepared for the Oscars. Can’t wait!

imkingjohn January 8, 201710:05 PM

One last thing.  So who wins Oscars’s best pic?  LaLa?

I’ll pull for Manchester or Moonlight

Kristin Decker January 8, 201710:07 PM

Right now – I’ll vote Manchester.