Wintrust Business Lunch 1/6/17 | A look at the recent Jobs Report and “I AM JIM HENSON” by author, Brad Meltzer

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I am Jim Henson [Brad Meltzer]

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes:  Andrea Hanis (Editor of Blue Sky Innovation), Tom Gimbel (Founder and CEO of LaSalle Network), Mark Hamrick (Senior Economic Analyst at, Brad Meltzer (American political thriller novelist, non-fiction writer and author of I AM JIM HENSON).

Steve begins the show talking with Andrea Hanis of Blue Sky Innovation about Groupon co-founder’s cancer-fighting startup Tempus and their partnership with the Mayo Clinic, AT&T’s plan to implement bus stops and info kiosks with free Wi-Fi around Chicago and so much more!

Then, Tom Gimbel joins us to discuss what Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox can teach businesses about attracting and retaining their top talent.  They also discuss the importance of money and how work life should not always be about obtaining income.

Mark Hamrick join s us to discuss the recent jobs report that came out and the significance of the upward trend of jobs and the U.S. workforce.

Finally, we welcome author, Brad Meltzer to discuss his latest book – “I Am Jim Henson” – and how his life and legacy affected many generations to come.

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