Cochrantings: 2017 WHAT IF…

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Photo courtesy of Kristy Vicari headshot

What if President Trump only tweeted when he had to and only for the good of America?

What if Congress only acted in the best interests of all of us and not just to protect their jobs?

What if the politicians of Chicago and Illinois did their jobs without fear of or blocking by Mike Madigan?

What if Mike Madigan quit?

What if the Bears cut ticket prices by 20% until they put an actual NFL worthy product on the field?

What if your husband did what you asked him to do without having to ask him again?

What if your wife told you what she was thinking without you having to guess and be wrong?

What if your kids went a whole week without whining or rolling their eyes at you?

What if your boss gave you that raise you deserve without you having to bring it up?

What if monkeys flew out of my butt? …could happen.

Happy New Year and here’s to more than just wishful thinking in 2017!

Thanks for listening.