Kathy and Judy Show 12/31/16 live blog

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Texts that don’t make the air.

Kristin Decker December 31, 201610:46 AM

In Case of Emergency contact tips:

This is Cathy from Tinley Park. When your passcode on your I phone appears on screen , emergency is at bottom left of screen. Anyone can access that.It will bring up your emergency contacts.

If you have an iPhone, setup the Medical ID in the Health App and then if a first responder finds you or someone just finds your phone, on the lock screen they just touch emergency in the lower left hand corner and then touch Medical ID on the next screen and your emergency contact numbers come up and they can make a call to your emergency contacts right from your phone. It is a great service provided by the Apple iPhone.

There is an Emergency link on the iPhone when it is locked that you can put all your emergency contact info in. No need to unlock the phone.

Kristin Decker December 31, 201611:32 AM

Most memorable NYE:
I have too many to pick just one, but I do remember that they used to show the Marx Brothers every year and as a child I was allowed to stay up and watch them with mom and dad.

My best New Years Eve was 1996. I found out that my IVF treatment was successful and I was pregnant.

New Year’s Eve 1983. First night I spent with my now husband of 31 years at the Mayfair Regent. I had never eaten lox and bagels before. New Year’s morning I tried it and I loved it. Still eating them…

My favorite New Year’s Eve-first one without the ex husband in 2008!
Margaret in Carbondale

Hi Kathy and Judy I gave birth to my daughter Sophia 11 years ago today!!! My name is Jean and I love your show!!!Thanks for the laughs!!!

Remember 1976….watching fireworks …we were stationed in Germany …husband was in US Army

In 1972 a friend of ours had a loser’s party. He called everyone on New Year’s Eve and if you didn’t have plans he said you were a loser and should come to his party. It was the best party I’ve ever been to!

I spent New Year’s Eve with my best friend in 1973 at her home. We were 16 at the time and dateless. we drank rum cokes. We felt so cool! Then we made ice cream sundaes.

I believe it was New Years Eve 1984/85. I was a music major at NIU – playing my first big New Years Eve gig with a top professional society orchestra downtown at the Marriott. Big snow storm that night driving home on what was then I-5 (now 88.) Almost didn’t make it home in my 72 Buick Skylark! Couldn’t get in my apartment driveway in DeKalb. But none the less, I was a working professional musician in Chicago, a senior in college, a beautiful girlfriend, and all was right with the world.

The millennium. my wife and I dress to the tens tuxedo & gown we bought tickets to a party 100 apieceour 2 neighbors & us started at my house with cocktails next stop hors d’oeuvres and then prime rib at the third neighbor we are big beer drinker’s we go to the party free beer & a Lawrence Welk band only problem it was the one beer that none of us drink brand X & the Music???? had to find a bar walked into a tribute to Zeplin( the Lounge Puppets had a great time wife wanted White castles 3 AM played nine holes of golf with my son he was 15 and January 1.

Not me but my mother in law…….went into labor nye. Had my husband at 11:42pm. Was thrilled because she could get the 1969 tax write off!!!!

Son told me he had girlfriend & was divorcing his pregnant wife. At a party at their house! No one else knew.