Wintrust Business Lunch 12/23/16 | Andrea Hanis, Tom Gimbel, Maria LaMagna and John Murray

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Steve Bertrand with Tom Gimbel

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes:  Andrea Hanis (Blue Sky Innovation), Tom Gimbel (LaSalle Network), Maria LaMagna (Marketwatch) and John Murray (Chi-Town Rising).

Steve kicks things off with Andrea Hanis, talking about the biggest stories in tech. Andrea has the latest on everything from Snapchat glasses to self-driving Uber cars and why President Obama’s former tech chief says Americans shouldn’t be surprised by election hacking.

Tom Gimbel also stops in to talk about the biggest challenges companies will face in the job market in 2017. Tom’s got the numbers on the current skills gap, how companies award promotions and the strength of the economy in the new year

Maria La Magna from Marketwatch comes to talk about the real Grinch of the Christmas season: credit card debit. She talks about the factors feeding rising credit card debit among Americans and which states have the hardest time paying up.

John Murray of Chi-Town Rising caps off the show by discussing the success of the New Year’s Eve party and how he’s putting a Chicago stamp on 2017.