Plier Family Christmas Special: Family Traditions, 60 Years of ‘Hardrock, Coco & Joe’, Johnny Mathis: ‘The Voice of Christmas’

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PHOTO: The Plier Family. Courtesy of Dave Plier.

Dave Plier and his wife Lori, along with their three children host the “Plier Family Christmas Special’ which includes the importance of family traditions and favorite holiday movies; the 60th anniversary of Chicago holiday classic ‘Hardrock, Coco & Joe’ which first aired on WGN-TV’s Garfield Goose & Friends’ in 1956; and Dave’s conversation with ‘The Voice of Christmas’, Grammy award winning artist, Johnny Mathis whose Christmas album’Merry Christmas’ is one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time, his history with Columbia records and stories of his childhood.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?