ISBA President on the future for Illinois lawyers, gender-based violence, Dylann Roof closing arguments, a 104-year old lawyer and more

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Legal Face Off

Illinois State Bar Association President Vincent Cornelius discusses challenges for new lawyers and the landscape for the Illinois legal community in 2017.

Clio CEO Jack Newton joins Rich and Jason to share a new study showing that attorneys are only billing a fraction of their time.

Rich and Jason are joined in-studio by Healing to Action Co-Founders Karla Altmayer and Sheerine Alemzadeh to discuss their efforts to end gender-based violence.

Finally, in the last Legal Grab Bag of 2016, Rich and Jason discuss T.J. Miller’s alleged assault of an Uber driver, former NFL player Will Smith’s killer found guilty, an attorney who practiced until he was 104, the Vegas Golden Knights and other breaking legal news.