Live blog: Bears vs. 49ers

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

jkaufs1 December 4, 201611:53 AM

Are we ready for the Bears/49ers? Is it possible to just put on tape of Mike Singletary vs. Roger Craig instead?

jkaufs1 December 4, 201611:58 AM

If you were going to pick a star to watch in this game, who would it be? Jordan Howard (rookie), Josh Bellamy (practice squad), Matt Barkley (waiver wire)? Can someone get me an Adrian Amos jersey for Xmas? 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:00 PM

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:01 PM

The battle for the #2 overall pick is about to kickoff

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:03 PM

Once upon a time, today would have been considered “Bear Weather”

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:03 PM

The cleat report is on right now. What kind of cleats will the athletes wear? 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:04 PM

The Bears are not good enough to be roughing the passer on the first play of the game. C’mon. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:06 PM

Whichever Bear plays well today, I’m going to buy their jersey and wear it all off-season. So a lot on the line. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:08 PM

Eddie Goldman means so much to that front 4.  Disruptive

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:09 PM

Bears D holds after 49ers holding penalty. We’ll take it. This is why they are 1-10. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:10 PM

would be pretty funny if Bears receivers caught everything in the snow

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:11 PM

The Southwest commercial using T.I. song is THE WORST COMMERCIAL IN THE HISTORY OF COMMERCIALS. I’m sad. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:14 PM

Someone needs to tell Matt Barkley that it was third and long. A 4 yd scramble doesn’t get it done there. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:18 PM

Bears D with their 2nd sack. Eddie Goldman is a beast today. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:25 PM

ugly weather ugly game

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:25 PM

This has all the makings of a 3-0 game. Both teams can’t move the ball through the air. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:26 PM

Good to see John Timu back on the Bears defense. He’s Mr. December in Chicago. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:27 PM

Jones-Quartey is starting again?!  

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:28 PM

No Freeman or Trevathan. SF pounding the middle of Bears D

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:29 PM

Kap may kneel before the game, but he still has legs to run.

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:30 PM

Tracy Porter looked like he got kicked in the head. Down on the field

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:31 PM

Tracy Porter would be a huge injury.  Has been All Pro this year

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:34 PM

Akeem Hicks has been really good early

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:35 PM

scoreless through 1…no surprise there

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:38 PM

Chip Kelly used to be considered a great coach

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:39 PM

0 completions by either team in the first quarter

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:40 PM

Good to see Leonard Floyd back on the field

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:40 PM

Yeah, but Leonard Floyd is getting schooled on the edge by Kap. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:41 PM

give him a break.  The kid was on a stretcher 2 weeks ago

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:44 PM

Wow, no passes caught in the 1st quarter. zero completions. Wow. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:44 PM

Love how hard Jordan Howard runs

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:46 PM

we have a pass caught!! Cam Meredith. Of course there is a flag. smh

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:48 PM

So Bears will punt without a pass completion with 9:18 left in the second quarter. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:50 PM

Special teams looks to be the difference maker in this one. 49ers block a punt, bring it back close to goal line. But 1-10 49ers get excessive celebration penalty and will start at the Bears 19 yard line. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:50 PM

Blocked punt by SF. Draughns is doing it all today

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:51 PM

another former Chicago Bears player making plays for other teams

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:52 PM

Great open field tackle by HJQ

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:53 PM

First completion of the game goes to Vance McDonald with under 8 min to play in 2nd quarter. 4 yard gain, doesn’t get 1st down. 49ers kick field goal to take 3-0 lead. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:55 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:56 PM

Bears special teams failing miserably today. Blocked punt, terrible fair catch and now, fumble on kick-off return. 49ers ball deep in Bears territory, again. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:57 PM

Draughn knocked that ball out? Same dude who blocked punt? Baller! 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 201612:57 PM

Shaun Draughn makes another play as he strips Deonte Thompson on the kickoff.  SF recovers.

jkaufs1 December 4, 201612:58 PM

Shaunequivocal December 4, 20161:00 PM

can this game get any uglier for the Bears?

Shaunequivocal December 4, 20161:01 PM

Floyd has to contain on that play.  

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:04 PM

Even when Bears make big stop, they look foolish. McPhee chases down and tackles running back after fake. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:05 PM

2 minute warning. 49ers 3, Bears 0. 49ers will attempt a field goal when we come back. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 20161:07 PM

I don’t think either team wants to win this game.

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:08 PM

49ers capitalize off another Bears’ special teams gaffe and lead 6-0. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:09 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:11 PM

Shaunequivocal December 4, 20161:14 PM

I can see promise with Jordan Howard behind an improved O Line

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:14 PM

Bears complete their first pass with under 2 minutes to go in 2nd quarter. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:16 PM

There we go! 3 straight completions including a 28 yarder down the field to Cam Merideth. Bears look to be driving in final minute of 1st half. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:18 PM

The Bears finally let Barkley air it out, and he is making plays. A pass interference call puts the Bears on the 1 yard line. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:19 PM

Touchdown, Jordan Howard!!!!! The Bears take the lead 7-6 heading into halftime. Just like that. 

Shaunequivocal December 4, 20161:20 PM

Way to capitalize on the gift PI call!  TD Jordan Howard! 7-6 Bears with 31 seconds left in the half.

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:20 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:21 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:36 PM

Bears get ball to start the 2nd half. Will they go back to running or air it out some more? 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:42 PM

Jordan Howard limps off field. Big 3rd Down and Barkley throws down sideline to Josh Bellamy who makes a tough catch (after dropping easy one). Bears driving.

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:44 PM

Jordan Howard checks back in and scores a 3 yard TD! Bears lead 14-6. Howard’s second touchdown of the game. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:49 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:50 PM

Hahah, announcers talking about Chicago pizza. STOP TALKING ABOUT CHICAGO PIZZA. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:52 PM

John Timu breaks up a big pass from Kap to Draughn. Bears force punt. Great start to 2nd half for beleaguered Bears. Can they keep it up? 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:54 PM

Right now, I’m either buying a Jordan Howard jersey or maaaaybe, just maaaybe a Jon Timu jersey. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:54 PM

Once the Bears let Matt Barkley throw the ball down the field, he has excelled. The Bears are moving again. Big play to Bellamy. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:56 PM

Josh Bellamy making up for the drops! Another tough catch gets the Bears inside the 10 yard line. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20161:57 PM

WOW! Walter-like run for Jordan Howard for his 3rd TD of the game! Moved the pile into the end zone. Bears 21, 49ers 6. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:01 PM

The 49ers with a false start. Looking very 1-10 right now. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:03 PM

The Bears interior line playing great. Hicks picks up a sack, 4 overall from Bears D. Force another 49ers punt. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:03 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:07 PM

C’mon! Bellamy drops a wide open ball that would easily have been six. Feast or famine with this dude. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:11 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:12 PM

Deonte Thompson gets PI call. Not a good call, but hurt on play. Looks like hit to head. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:14 PM

Bears get another big run from Jordan Howard to end the 3rd Quarter, driving. 21-6, Bears. Couple more plays and this is a Soldier Field blowout. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:16 PM

Bellamy playing a game today. Both great and terrible. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:17 PM

The one guy who hasn’t been hurt all year, Cody Whitehair, is on the turf grabbing his leg. Not good. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:18 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:20 PM

‘Josh Sitton isn’t sittin’ anymore’ – Moose. Emmy worthy. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:21 PM

Conor Barth comes on to make a 45 yard field goal to push the lead to 24-6 with just under 13 min to play in 4th quarter. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:21 PM

Wait, did the announcers just say that 24 points was a “season-high” for the Bears offense? Oh my lord. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:24 PM

NEWS! Kaepernick is out, Blaine Gabbert comes in. No word on injury. Just ineffective. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:26 PM

Bears secondary (LeBlanc and Bush) collide away from ball, LeBlanc down on field. Very strange. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:27 PM

Ha, I did. Burned.

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:28 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:29 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:30 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:32 PM

No big deal, but the last time I live-blogged a Bears game for WGN Radio, it was the win against the Lions. So, looks like I might be the x-factor here. 

Live blog: Bears vs. Lions

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:41 PM

Under 7 min to go, and 49ers driving…slowly. It’s very pre-season vibe. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:43 PM

Drive stalled. 49ers forced to punt. Bears will take over with 5 to go in 4th quarter. Should be game. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:44 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:47 PM

Barkley played well today. Could be backup for Deshaun Watson next year? 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:48 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:53 PM

Leonard Floyd! With just under 2 to go, Floyd sacks Gabbert in endzone. Safety. 2 points. Strong way to end the game. Bears 26, 49ers 6. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:54 PM

Bears end the day with 6 sacks, didn’t give up a touchdown. Good game for Vic Fangio’s defense. 

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:56 PM

jkaufs1 December 4, 20162:58 PM

Bears win, 26-6. Could this be the start of a Bears dynasty? We will look back at this game as the game where the Bears started their improbable record-breaking winning streak. 25 in a row. But don’t quote me. Thanks for having me! Listen to Hamp, OB and Koz (and Carm) now on 720AM and listen to The Download this week! Take care!