TIDBITS & FIT-BYTES: Mary’s DWTS Season #23 Week #11 Analysis

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Steve Cochran Show Traffic Anchor Mary Van De Velde

It’s a double dose of dancing and blogs this week!!  It’s FINALLY THE FINALS!  The stars perform “redemption” dances (which basically means they get another try at a dance they screwed-up previously) and freestyle dances – always entertaining!

The good news is Len is finally back.  I think he missed more weeks then he was there.  The sad news….poor Erin Andrews can’t move her arms in her dress.  I could say something about moving her mouth since she kept mentioning her dilemma,  but I’ll be good.




Redemption Dance – His Viennese Waltz is sooooo smooth like butta!

Len says Calvin is the most improved – how would he know since he was hardly ever there? Carianne calls him out on a slight misstep. Bully

35 points

Freestyle Dance  – I wanted to dance right along to “I Want You Back” and “Please Mr. Postman” .  A fun Jazz, Jive, Lindy Hop dance with tons of tough lifts that brought out all his awesome qualities.  His smile lit up the room, but got even bigger when his 2-year-old showed up afterward for a surprise visit.  Calvin sweats so much, the laundry room is running out of towels.

40 points – PERFECT SCORE!



All of a sudden 94-year-old TV writer and producer Norman Lear appears in the audience promoting a new show called “America Divided”  (probably wishing he had come up with the DWTS concept instead).




Redemption Dance – the sexy tango is back and Gleb has the glub or some sort of flu, so Jana has to practice with Alan again. Carianne attacks once again saying they did a lift, which everyone else ignores. I didn’t feel any spark from this dance, but Bruno felt the passion as usual.

35 points

Freestyle Dance – it was a contemporary dance with a material connection – literally.  The two dance attached to a white ribbon, which Gleb tripped over and they almost fell…blame it on flu-like symptoms. Very intense, determined, and fierce freestyle. Did anyone else notice Jana never wears make-up (not even lipstick) except for the massive false eyelashes, yet she always looks gorgeous!

36 points



LAURIE & VAL – just hand her the mirror ball for Pete’s sake….

Doing a Paso Doble Bruno called “wicked” with a big tiara on her head, Laurie was determined to provide as much chemistry as a 16-year-old could. I don’t get how she claims to be just as nervous dancing as competing at the Olympics trying not to fall off a 4-inch balance beam.

38 points.

Freestyle Dance – the freshest freestyle of the night and finally a dance to fit her age.  It was a playground theme, even with a slide and roundabout! Laurie skipped around in a bright yellow kids dress enjoying every minute….we did too!

40 perfect points



JAMES & SHARNA – we knew race car driver and former DWTS winner Helio Castroneves would show up sooner or later.  Here he comes taunting James with the mirror ball trophy during practice.  James performs a Foxtrot with bookworm glasses and Sharna trips over her large librarian skirt, but the stumble only bodes bad for bully Carianne. Julianne and Bruno called it perfection.

37 points

Freestyle Dance – oh no, not the accident story again!  I mean, I realize the guy almost died in a racing accident,  but hasn’t anything else happened in his life?  The two tell the emotional story in a beautifully choreographed dance….and no one trips (I won’t dare say crashes). It’s poetry in motion and Sharna says the book is now finished – huh???

40 points



No time to catch their breath…time for ELIMINATION

Unfortunately they’re all awesome, but someone has to go.

JANA KRAMER is ousted.  I wonder if Gleb will be in her future or if she’ll ever pull off the eyelashes.


It’s funny how there’s never any time left in the show for the stars, but we did have time for a performance from the group “Train” , who sang a cool new song that sounded like “Chopsticks”.  Also had to see the weirdest dance performance from the new movie “La La Land”.  I hope the movie is better than the music.


Stay tuned for the final DWTS blog of the season tomorrow.!!


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