Wintrust Business Lunch 11/2/16 | Terry Savage (, Frank Sennett (Crain’s Chicago), Sam Yagan (CEO ShopRunner, Former Co-Founder of SparkNotes and

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Steve Bertrand

It’s time for the Wintrust Business Lunch with  Steve Bertrand!  On today’s show Steve welcomes:  Terry Savage (, Frank Sennett (Crain’s Chicago), Sam Yagan (CEO ShopRunner, Co-Founder of SparkNotes).

Steve begins the show talking with Terry Savage about the upcoming healthcare enrollment as well as ways for small business’ to acquire the best insurance plan for 2017.

Then, Steve brings on  Frank Sennett of Crain’s Chicago to discuss the inflated ticket prices for tonight’s World Series game as well as the business behind baseball.

Finally, we talk with thought leader/entrepreneur and CEO, Sam Yagan to discuss the right ways to find a winning company to idea.  A Chicago native himself, Sam shares a lot of priceless information regarding finding your best practices and the importance of finding a problem and learning how to solve it.

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