Live blog: 2016 World Series Game 7 – Cubs at Indians

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We’re live blogging Game 7 of the 2016 World Series – Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20166:45 PM

I hear there’s a big game about to get underway in Cleveland?  Get ready Cubs fans, G7 of the World Series is coming up! 

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:04 PM

You Go We Go….ball GONE.  Lead HR for Fowler 1-0 Cubs.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:13 PM

Hendricks to the mound with a one run lead. Cubs 1-0 after a half.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:22 PM

Full inning in the books 1-0 Cubs.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:26 PM

Cubs go in order in the 2nd.

markcarman23 November 2, 20167:32 PM

Hendricks dodged a bullet and the with the pick off. Bullet back up the middle could have dinged him. 

markcarman23 November 2, 20167:33 PM

A lot of mild to hard hit balls. 

markcarman23 November 2, 20167:34 PM

26 pitches through 2 for Hendricks. Great stretch by Rizzo. That man must do yoga. 

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:35 PM

Great turn by Baez too

markcarman23 November 2, 20167:36 PM

Arrieta and Lester headed to the bullpen. 

Kevin Powell November 2, 20167:45 PM

Leadoff double for Coco Crisp in the third

Kevin Powell November 2, 20167:47 PM

Bunt gets Crisp to third. Top of the Indians order up

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:48 PM

Tie Game

Kevin Powell November 2, 20167:50 PM

This is already one of the most intense games I’ve ever watched.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20167:59 PM

Hendricks is calm and cool on the mound, limits the damage to just a run. Escapes another Baez E. 1-1 after 3.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:03 PM

Lester is warming now for the Cubs

Kevin Powell November 2, 20168:04 PM

Great ab from Bryant

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:04 PM

Great AB Kris Bryant

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:04 PM

Wouldn’t mind a Rizzo 3rd base line bunt

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:12 PM

Aggressive send by Gary Jones, but Bryant slides under the tag at home. 2-1 Cubs.

Kevin Powell November 2, 20168:13 PM

Contreras doubles off the wall. Zobrist scores. Cubs up 3-1. T4.

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:14 PM

Asked Contreras about Kluber last night ” I will say nothing about Kluber. He is a great pitcher ” 

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:22 PM

Part of the Cubs defensive plan is to not allow Baez to touch baseball 

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:22 PM

Lester sits down. Montgomery now warming.

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:25 PM

1-2-3 in the 4th. Hendricks perhaps settling in. 

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:25 PM

Everyone now sitting in the bullpen including Lester Strode 

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:26 PM

Are you sitting in the bullpen too @thecarm?

markcarman23 November 2, 20168:28 PM

Apology accepted Javy!!!

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:41 PM

In game audio, a mic on David Ross. Rizzo tells him he’s an emotional wreck and in a glass case of emotion.  Hilarious. (as long as the score stays the same). 4-1 Cubs

Kevin Powell November 2, 20168:41 PM

Rizzo drives in Bryant. First they knock around Kluber. Now, Andrew Miller.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20168:56 PM

So Lester in for Hendricks with two out in the 5th. Cubs up 5-1.

andymasurwgnam November 2, 20169:09 PM

This game keeps getting stranger. Ross homers 6-3 Cubs in 6th.

Kevin Powell November 2, 20169:25 PM

9 outs away

markcarman23 November 2, 20169:35 PM

Paying a lot of attention to Dexter Fowler who is not running with KB at the plate 

markcarman23 November 2, 20169:38 PM

Ok fine. Shocked Fowler ran with Rizzo on deck too

Kevin Powell November 2, 20169:49 PM

Lester, again! Always seems to find the big pitch. 

markcarman23 November 2, 20169:56 PM

Whatever security is in the Cleveland area should head to the concourse. Indians and Cubs fans are no longer friends and are drunk 

Kevin Powell November 2, 20169:58 PM

That’s not good

markcarman23 November 2, 201610:10 PM

Forgot to mention I didnt like taking Lester out. On a ground ball in the infield on a play that could have been made. When is rolling dotting corners. 

markcarman23 November 2, 201610:12 PM

Away away away 

markcarman23 November 2, 201610:14 PM

Get loose Jake 

markcarman23 November 2, 201610:15 PM

Game is going to come down to Montgomery. Whenever you want to get somebody up Joe. 

Kevin Powell November 2, 201610:53 PM

Light rain is back 

Kevin Powell November 2, 201610:54 PM

This will go down as one of the most memorable baseball games ever. No matter the outcome. 

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:04 PM

Tarp is coming off the field

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:19 PM

Runners at first and second. One out. T10.

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:21 PM

Zobrist comes through! A double down the 3B line. Cubs up 7-6. T10.

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:24 PM

Now Montero with a hit! Cubs up 8-6. T10. 

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:33 PM

Cubs three outs away from a World Series championship

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:39 PM

1 out away

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:42 PM

Davis back at the plate as the tying run

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:44 PM

Davis comes through! An RBI single. Winning run is at the plate.

Kevin Powell November 2, 201611:45 PM

Mike Montgomery on to pitch