Attending the World Series and Lessons in Cultural Appropriation at Wrigley Field

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Jones and Mike

Jones gets a surprise ticket to Game 5 of the World Series and he finds himself experiencing a life lesson in cultural appropriation.  Questioning the concept of reverse racism, Jones wonders if he participated in cultural appropriation when he attended Hamilton earlier in the week. Returning to World Series tales from October the guys detail odd encounters at Fall Classic viewing parties and Mike wonders if bandwagon Cubs fans are pushing out the Die Hards?

Show Highlights:

00:01:08 – Jones gets a surprise ticket to Game 5 of the World Series.

00:15:29 – The World Series, and Hamilton, expose Jones to the concept of cultural appropriation.

00:35:27 – Jones and Mike share their odd experiences at Word Series viewing parties…and talk sores, medical cream and shingles, enjoy!

00:58:31 – Is all of this World Series buzz pushing out Die Hard Cub fans?

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