Why the Ken Bone Love? Being “The Dad” at a Rock Concert, And Stopping Hitler

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Jones and Mike

America is in love and Jones could not be more upset. As Ken Bone mania sweeps the nation Jones is beside himself with the unconditional love being showered on the undecided voter. The guys sit back and discuss Mr. Bone’s newfound fame…and infamy, as stories of Mr. Bone’s sorted Reddit posts begin to circulate across media outlets around the country. Staying on the topic of awkwardness, Mike discusses his recent purchase of Ariana Grande tickets, and his plans for attending the show with his junior high aged daughters. Closing out the show the guys talk time travel, and killing Hitler…baby Hitler.

Show Highlights:

00:01:11 – Jones reveals his hatred of the new, political flavor of the month, Ken Bone.

00:12:47 – Mike airs the dirty laundry of the patron saint of political American thought, Mr. Ken Bone.

00:34:08 – Mike prepares to take his daughters to their first concert, Ariana Grande. Jones wonders if Mike is ready to be the Dad at a “tween” concert.

00:52:15 – Jones questions Mike’s ability to change the course of history, does Mike have what it takes to stop Hitler?

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