Live blog: 2016 NLDS Game 1 – Cubs vs. Giants

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We’re live blogging Game 1 of the 2016 National League Division Series – Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:04 PM

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:14 PM

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:17 PM

Adam Hoge October 7, 20168:18 PM

Here we go. Cubs in 3. 

dlongwgnam October 7, 20168:24 PM

This MLB Network / FS1 Situation is confusing

dlongwgnam October 7, 20168:26 PM

Cubs now on FS1….here we go

Adam Hoge October 7, 20168:28 PM

No K-zone on FS1?

dlongwgnam October 7, 20168:34 PM

Thinking the same thing Hoger

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:37 PM

Angel Pagon been around for-ev-er……

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:39 PM

Special for @thecarm

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:41 PM

Lester get through clean

Adam Hoge October 7, 20168:41 PM

Strong underhand throw by Lester to first. 

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:45 PM


mikerjacobsen October 7, 20168:53 PM

Wow well that was a pick play…….have a day David Ross

Adam Hoge October 7, 20168:54 PM

David Ross is the MVP so far. 

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20169:01 PM

And then he got ripped there….what a catch

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20169:12 PM

Posey forgot how many outs were right there

mikerjacobsen October 7, 20169:12 PM

is Castro back?

Adam Hoge October 7, 20169:13 PM

Bad defense and bad base running on the same play. 

joeygelman1wgnam October 7, 20169:26 PM

Great grab by Tomlinson, Bryant Stranded at 3rd.

joeygelman1wgnam October 7, 20169:32 PM

Lester finally gets the outside corner call. Strike 3

joeygelman1wgnam October 7, 20169:33 PM

Bunted foul by Cueto = Strike 3.. 1-2-3 5th for Lester. Still 0-0

Adam Hoge October 7, 20169:56 PM

Not that Buster Posey would have beat Lester to the bag, but if you’re facing a pitcher who you know has a problem throwing to first, you should be busting your ass to first every single time. 

Adam Hoge October 7, 201610:15 PM

Is Marc Trestman playing second base for the Giants?

Adam Hoge October 7, 201610:29 PM

Boom. Javy. 

Adam Hoge October 7, 201610:40 PM

Cubs get a break in the 9th. Hernandez didn’t go around on the check-swing, but was called out.