Is College Worth It? Are Gender Neutral Pronouns Worth It? Are the Cubs Worth It?

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Jones and Mike

It’s that time of year at the Noonan household, with calculators and Excel spreadsheets covering the kitchen table, fiscal 2017 is facing the clan and Jones and Mike find themselves asking, “Is the cost of a college education still worth it?” Mike, once an opponent of higher education now finds himself a proponent as he eyes his kids future and Jones finds himself begging Mike to come to his senses…and say no to higher education! The conversation grows tense as the guys shift from education to baseball and Mike confesses to wanting to see the Cubs lose…an unacceptable outcome for Die-Hard Cubs fan, Jones. The guys close out the show discussing Jones’s most recent night out and they wonder, “Is it more awkward to party with twenty-somethings females, or married thirty-something ladies?”

Show Highlights:

00:01:07 – Is the cost of a college education still worth it?

00:10:24 – Mike insists that his kids must pursue college degrees. And Jones attempts to give us all a gender neutral pronoun lesson.

00:33:15 – Mike tries to explain why he wants his beloved Cubbies to lose in October.

00:53:12 – Jones wants to know if it is more awkward to party with twentysomethings females…or married thirtysomething ladies.

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