Exploring creative ruts, adventures in potty training

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Pete’s Present for Steve Cochran

Jon and Cody debate styles and merits of facial hair, Cody gets stuck in a creative rut, and Jon has a potty training nightmare. All in one explosive episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Jon explains why he’s trying to grow a beard, and Cody explains why some people just are not allowed to grow facial hair for any reason ever
  • Cody describes his creative rut and discusses creative outlets with Jon
    • Jon used to actually be really good at singing, but apparently is not driven by the same need for a creative outlet as Cody, who is floundering like an idiot not having any clue what to do with his life
  • Jon tells an incredibly long but somewhat informative and entertaining story about trying to potty train his son, who is basically trolling him for kicks
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