Do Tears and Politics Mix? And Are Jones and Mike Fit for Police Work?

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Jones and Mike

Is there crying in politics? A week after Jones and Mike lavish praise on Mayor Emmanuel, Rahm chooses to break the guy’s hearts and ball like a child during a press conference. The tearful display leads the guys to question the leadership of men and women that allow themselves to cry in public. While Rahm’s tear ducts well up Jones jumps into action and attempts to make a citizen’s arrest on Upper Wacker, and Mike debates confronting police officers in the ‘burbs. And changing gears Jones reads an excerpt from his unfinished novel about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.      


Show Highlights:

00:01:06 – Is Rahm Emmanuel unfit for leadership based on his public crying?

00:14:45 – Jones tells Mike about his attempt at making a citizen’s arrest.

00:31:45 – Mike contemplates confronting his local police department.

00:55:18 – Jones and Mike discuss the disintegration of “Brangelina.”

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