The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 9-20-16

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Justin Kaufmann

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20167:14 PM

Happy Tuesday! Still reeling from that Bears loss? We’ll help you get through it! Great show planned for you tonight.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20167:22 PM

Of course we’ll still talk Bears with the great Doug Plank! He’s not happy!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20167:34 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20167:43 PM

Here’s a look at the MPC’s study:

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20167:54 PM

Check out Marisa’s work:

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20168:17 PM

This is a must-see exhibit for Cubs fans!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20168:53 PM

This is an amazing film by our last guest Adam Green.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 20169:33 PM

We do to (630)!

Really enjoyed Doug Plank… Thanks Justin!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 201610:30 PM

Already some great #TheWorst!

The worst is being hungry and driving down a country road
where there’s nothing for miles


Da Bears


Other drivers! Doesn’t matter when and where! Just all of
them. Lol


The worst is when your an uber driver and your 3 blocks
from your house and u pick up one last ride for the night and it’s surging and
they live 30 miles away


Not knowing who died at the end of season 6 on The Walking


The worst – small penised men who park their big shiny,
showy muscle cars diagonally across 2 parking spots in a crowded parking lot.


The worst is people who sail rhrough stop signs like the
rules don t apply to them


The new Credit/Debit card chip! It’s not faster!


The worst:

Working in the catering industry as a server, and everyone loves the bartenders
and throws wads of cash at them; meanwhile the servers have to clean up all
their glassware, keep the bar stocked, etc, and people don’t even acknowledge
the servers’ existence, much less give them any tips


The worst is saving up for your first real vacation only to
spend three of the four days alone with a stomach bug and a lot of air


The worst is working in a fast-food restaurant a guy comes
in and takes off his shoe takes money out of it to pay for his food

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 201610:48 PM

More great The Worsts

You know what’s the worst… air mattresses. It feels like sleeping on a darn pool toy.

The worst is Male Pattern Baldness ….on your Aunt.
Social media during election season. Even the cat videos have an agenda.
The worst is when your flight is delayed due to an belligerent passenger, and you miss your brothers wedding….that you were to officiate.
The worst: Sticky Buns

peterzimmermanwgnam September 20, 201610:52 PM

That’s it for the show tonight! Thank you so much for listening! We will be back tomorrow at 7pm. Talk to you then!