The Download with Justin Kaufmann Live Blog 9-13-16

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Justin Kaufmann in the Allstate Showcase Studio

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20167:17 PM

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. We have a wonderful show for you tonight. Al Gini, Neil Steinberg, Shemekia Copeland, The Worst and the great Fred Willard. Wow!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20168:03 PM

Going to spend the hour talking to Neil Steinberg about his new book.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20168:03 PM

Check out the review of Neil’s book in the New York Times:

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20168:34 PM

Great conversation with Neil Steinberg right now.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20169:14 PM

Check out Shemekia’s music. She’s wonderful!


peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 20169:15 PM

This should be a wonderful event.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:01 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:05 PM

It’s time for #TheWorst! Can’t wait to read all of your submissions.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:28 PM

Great panel for The Worst! Greg Holliman, Merrit Landsteiner and Marz Timms!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:36 PM

Some great The Worst submissions coming in!

When a friend calls for help with his car at 3 AM. But when
you drive 30 minutes to help, you find out he called someone else closer who
has already showed up and helped. Making your trip pointless.


The worst are Goatees- Seriously, why would anyone want to
make themselves look like a goat?


Photo enforced tickets, the worst.


The worst. Being the only female in a 5 person vanpool. No
one talks. We have to listen to WBBM news repeating every news item and what
time it is from 0546-0630 every morning. Kill me!


Hi Justin and Crew! The WORST is when your girlfriend makes
you laugh so hard while you’re brushing your teeth that you start coughing and
choking… ultimately throwing up a little and having to start brushing your
teeth all over again!!


The worst hands down is when you lay down for bed and a bug
flys onto your tv screen


Panhandlers are the worst and the ones at 290 and Harlem
are the worst of the worst.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:47 PM

More The Worst:

The worst is being 50, living in Rogers Park by the Howard
El for 30 years & now the burbs for 20 & having no idea what the blue,
green, red & brown lines are.


What’ the worst…people who have to bring their whole
family to wall mart or the grocery store. Why do we need mom, dad 5 kids gramma
& grandpa. Make 1 list & 1 person can shop. It is not rocket science.
Get a grip people.


The worst is when your phone, which is also your alarm
clock, shuts off in the middle of the night. Then you wake up 20 minutes after
you should have already been at work.


The worst is when you’re in class and the professor asks a
tough question and Ooh, Ooh!you know the answer but you can’t raise your hand
because of Pit stains.(arm pits). When all your classmates’ eyes make repeated
pit stops on your pit stains, that’s the worst.



The worst is when your dog pees in bed :(


The worst is when you take a long nap and you wake up with
your dog’s hind paws and tail on your face.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:52 PM

And finally:

The worst is when you drive an hour to Chicago to have a
reunion with your college boyfriend of 40 years ago thinking romantic thoughts
and when you meet him he introduces you to his 26-year-old girlfriend

peterzimmermanwgnam September 13, 201610:53 PM

Thanks for listening tonight. We really appreciate your support. We have another great show planned for you tomorrow night. Talk to you at 7pm!